Back in the day, Phyllis Khare was a state and national award-winning performer, musician and educator known as “Miss Phyllis.” As a touring singer/songwriter for the Iowa Arts Council she received numerous grants and awards for her work. She had the amazing ability to keep 600 kids under the age of 10 mesmerized as she taught them through the power of song, dance, and music.

But, after many long arduous Iowa winters dragging speakers and musical equipment all over the prairie, she packed up her musical career in a large box, put it in the basement, and moved to the beach.

Phyllis makes it fun, and for me, that’s what education should be about, especially Internet learning… I just wish I could take her home with me!
Lenora Boyle

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Phyllis and her husband walked on the beach twice a day for two years (“best pretend-retirement-ever” according to Phyllis). During that time she dove into Internet marketing and found she took to it like a fish to water. Always the geekiest of her peers, she focused her attention on the leading edge of social media marketing where she felt the most amazing things were developing.

Her penchant for deep research and relentlessly mastering new skills and tools made her the perfect person to research and write a couple of Dummies books for John Wiley & Sons.

Phyllis is the author of two comprehensive books on social media marketing: Social Media Marketing eLearning Kit for Dummies and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies, both of these are being sold internationally.

Phyllis’ clients are online international businesses looking to rock the social media marketing space. She consults and manages these A-List clients using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ (including private and On Air Hangouts), YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. She has learned how to be a great social media manager with all different types of entrepreneurs and is full of stories and adventures in teaching and training these high-powered people.

She’s a member of Best Keynote Speakers (along with Andrea) and has written and presented for some of the largest social media blogs and events like Social Media Examiner and Marketing Profs. Phyllis had a regular column “The Social Media Report” in iPhone Life magazine for several years and is looking forward to writing for an upcoming Android-based magazine.

Phyllis is the Senior Content Editor for the Social Media Strategy Path of– a membership site for high school seniors and college students that teaches through an online format; personal branding, career marketing and social media strategies. MyPath101 is being implemented in colleges and universities all over the country.

She was ranked #10 in “Top 10 Social Media Bloggers you must follow!” on SocialAppsHQ and consistently ranks in the top half of the Top Marketing Book Authors on Twitter.

Along with Andrea Vahl, Phyllis has created an online learning center for a private group of coaching clients called Social Media Manager School, which is getting rave reviews from the participants. Her breadth of social media marketing knowledge spans Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and many up and coming social sites you may have not of heard of – yet…

Teacher, speaker, consultant and in-demand writer of all things social media, Phyllis loves to teach and inspire everyone. Ever the cheerleader, she has been known to jump up and down in excitement about the marketing possibilities with social media.

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