Planning for Success Using Google Calendar

The Hidden Powers of Google Calendar
#1 in the Google Calendar Series

UPDATE 12/16/15: This webinar replay has over 72 THOUSAND views! Google Calendar is an amazing tool. I though it might be good to move it here to the blog for further exposure. Even though this is about planning for 2015 - the ideas are timeless. This is the first in a series I created to teach you how to rock your Calendar for success. You can go directly to TimeBliss.ME right here. The 90% off link is still good!



Did you pick up any tips on how to use your Google Calendar? Love to hear about it. Here’s part of a recent testimonial:

“Your webinar “Planning for 2015 Success Using Your Google Calendar” is one of the best I have ever seen.  I have replayed it three times!  You have a gift of communicating in clear, simple and easy to use techniques that anyone can use!”
Results?  I have already doubled my effectiveness just by adding my 2015 goals and taking the broad strokes and adding the specific tasks by day and time to actualize the events!   There is power and freedom just in seeing what has to be done!    The pressure/stress is lowered, because I can see what has to be done, and I just do it:-) –Steve Van Ooteghem


You can watch the other Hidden Powers of Google Calendar series webinars here:


Social Media Manager School Starter Kit




and… we’re OPEN!

UPDATE: We are closed for the season,
but get your name on the list for the next time we open!

Two or three times a year Andrea Vahl and I open up Social Media Manager School to new students. It’s an exciting two or three weeks of promotion and webinars and private conversations. And our first opening of 2015 starts now with a Starter Kit giveaway (closed now, but available the next time we open!). 



Here’s what’s IN the Starter Kit


3 Steps to Earning $1000 Extra a Month
as a Social Media Manager or Consultant

We take you step-by-step on how to define your services, how to price your services and brand yourself as the expert in your niche. Then we go through the process of filling your funnel with high-quality clients. 15 pages of time-tested experience.


3 Steps to Finding the Right Clients for Your Business

Do you know what to do to find your perfect client? We use our experience in this department to offer you some idea of how to define your desires and where to find these magical people. Once you know who they are and where they hang out, you’ll need to know how to craft the types of products and services they NEED!  13 pages of great action steps you can take right now.


3 Ways to Bring New Clients in the Door

Sometimes you have to go back to the basics to generate new interest in your services. We show you how to increase your content marketing so you stand out in a crowd. And when was the last time you looked at your website through fresh eyes? They are so many little tweaks you can make that will help the user experience on your site. Do you know the oldest way of increasing customers is often overlooked? Start this today and new clients will come to you! 11 pages of goodness right here.


How to Find Your Corner of This Lucrative Market

If you love social media management and you have a personal life passion, why not combine them and become a niche manager and consultant? We know so many people who have done just that and have a thriving business. Figure out if your life’s passion has a big enough market for your business to work – then learn how to attract those niche customers. 13 pages of testimonials and how-to advice.


Infographic – The Roadmap to Becoming a Well-Paid Social Media Manager

This infographic might be all you need to figure out if this business is right for you. Start at the top and answer the TWO vital questions. If you answered YES to both – then read on and start the process to develop you new career or enhance the one you already have. We have a WEBINAR that goes through each of these steps and answers any questions you have.


Top Tools for Social Media Managers

This list is just those tools we use almost every day for our own social media marketing and management clients.  No “200 top tools list” for us! We test everything we use and have a huge group of Social Media Manager School members who test things, too! Our Private Facebook Group is a vibrant group of people, from all over the world, who only want to use the best at the lowest cost. 10 pages of our top-rated social media management tools.


ALL of the above in the

2015 Social Media Manager School Starter Kit


UPDATE: We are closed for the season,
but get your name on the list for the next time we open!


What do some of our students
say about our School?

You might recognize these wonderful people as they are nationally-recognized consultants, speakers and experts in social media management.

Social Media Manager SchoolBANNER2

“I consider myself a very proficient social media consultant and manager but the course that Phyllis and Andrea have developed is EPIC! Even if you think you know it all there is a ton of amazing content in this course. If you are just starting out as a social media manager, everything you need is right here for you. Perhaps you have a small agency and need extra training for your staff? This course allowed me to help my assistant upskill to manager level and now she’s even generating sales!”
 — Jenny Brennen, Virtual Office Worx
“I took Social Media Manager School (Premium) in 2013 and ever since I graduated, my social media consulting and management business has sky rocketed beyond my imagination. Phyllis and Andrea are phenomenal teachers! The amount of knowledge and value they give is 10 times (and more) the price they charge for. Although I can’t ever deny the quality and quantity of value they deliver in this course, the real icing on the cake is the community that these amazing ladies have built on the back on the course.”
— Liz Azyan, Digital Matchbox
“What I like best about creating a business based on social media is that it allows me to focus on what’s most important in my life. It gives me a flexible schedule and my work is focused on helping people.  In just a few years I have built my business to include social media management and training for businesses around the world. One of the first serious steps I took towards building this business was signing up for Social Media Manager School. In the beginning I had no clue what to include in proposals or client contracts. The bonus materials and support from the Facebook group were invaluable; they helped me sign my first client.” 
— Cynthia Sanchez, OhSoPinteresting
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3steps for Pinterest

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Giving You What You Want — 7 Years Later

Phyllis Khare

Seven Years Ago…

Nobody online knew who I was… including YOU!


Since then I’ve written two “Dummies” books, been featured on high profile blogs and training programs, and listed on all sorts of cool Twitter lists for Authors. ALL because of the wonderful connections and friendships I am honored to experience.

I’ve also, with the fantastic partnership with Andrea Vahl, built the Social Media Manager School (in its 4th year) and the Social Media Managers Directory (NEW).

I took the hard lessons I learned about time management, packaged all that up in TimeBliss.ME, and shared it with the world (with some raving fans!).

((Hang with me – there’s a very personal reason I’m tooting my own horn))

I’ve either enjoyed personally, or been a part of, several 6-figure online launches. I’ve been in front and behind the camera on so many marketing videos and programs I’ve almost lost count, AND I have several other amazing gizmos and programs in the works for 2015!


But here’s the deal – Someone asks me a question like this almost every day:

“How did they do that?”


They want to know how their industry peers and competitors organized their email capture, which system they used for video editing, which landing page theme did they use, how are they recording their webinars, and about a hundred other very specific questions about tech, marketing tools, and processes.

I also get asked how to set up a sales funnel for specific industries, how to do “re-targeting ads” in Facebook, how to plan a book launch or product launch, how to organize a blogging schedule and how to utilize the best keywords.


Guess What?

I have answers for all of those
(and about a zillion other) questions.


Do you have important business questions I can answer? 


I recently opened an Application for Mentorship in order to help as many people as possible with personal mentorship, consulting, Group Masterminds, and recommendations.


There’s so much involved with giving business advice, so I’m very careful when choosing people to coach and mentor. It’s important that we are a good match and I can provide VALUE for where you are – right now – in your business.

I invite you to take a look at the application and see if this is something that can help you push forward in your business this year.

P.S. That happy image of me above is from the last day of a workshop I gave for the David Lynch M.A. in Film students on how to build a social platform. Yes, I teach at the University level, too. I love it. Got a college or University program I need to contact? Let me know by using my contact form or through any of my social accounts. Thanks!

The 2015 Cost of Online Business Report [Infographic] from Copyblogger

I read this infographic all the way through. Why? Because it was all about me and my business.

I found myself in every graph. In some I am just like the majority, in others I am in the minority.

I found it quite facinating – like a benchmark of where I am and where I want to go in 2015.

Some of the most important points to find in this infographic are:

  • More than a quarter of respondents identified as a Small Business Owner.
  • Most website owners are struggling to make a living online.
  • Yet more and more people are choosing to enter the online business realm.
  • Generating traffic is the biggest challenge of running an online business.

And 53 additional interesting results you can go through.

If you want to go deeper (because you love data) they have a link to their free 58-page ebook, The 2015 Cost of Online Business Report, at the end of their post. Click “copyblogger” at the bottom of the graphic.

I’d love to know if you found yourself in here, too. Feel free to comment over on my Facebook Page or on this post on G+ 

Announcing The 2015 Cost of Online Business Report [Infographic]

Like this infographic? Get proven online marketing advice from Copyblogger Media that will give you an unfair business advantage.

2015 Predictions and a Few Opinions on Facebook, Ello, tsu, MeWe and Online Marketing

Phyllis Khare

Looks like I have a little history with the “prediction” posts. I wrote my first one in Dec. 2011 and posted it in Jan. 2012. It wasn’t much to read and was more of a curated list of other people’s work. The second prediction post was posted in Dec. 2012 and I tried to be a bit silly with saying I got it all from a psychic grandma. I guess I wasn’t feeling so bold that year… And then in Dec. of 2013 I got a little more professional about the whole process. I consider my 2014 prediction post my first real post about the future of online marketing. THIS year I think I want to make a small “prediction” and then tell you how I feel about a whole slew of topics.


This is what I predicted LAST year…


Yeah, not so snappy, but I think people and businesses will be examining their time and attention — and MONEY — and rearrange where they spend those precious commodities. 


Turns out this is exactly the current topic of countless conversations on the future of Facebook for businesses. I think it’s a mixed bag on Facebook right now. There are certainly things that work for promoting your good products and services and causes, but you’ll have to pay for that exposure now. I think Facebook is very clear on what they think about online marketers. Pay to Play baby. So, the topic of “rearranging” is certainly in the air at the end of 2014. Many businesses and managers are rearranging where they are putting their marketing time and attention. They are trying to find that holy grail of free advertising that Facebook provided for so many years – somewhere else. 




My Prediction for 2015!

2015 will be the Year of… Exploring!


In many ways, this is just a continuation of last year’s prediction. I think leading-edge social media managers will be scouting new ways to provide exposure and connection in places other than Facebook in 2015. If you know me at all – you know I certainly have opinions about everything. I always try to stay educated and current on as many topics as possible, but I usually have some gut feeling about certain topics that just need to be expressed. And here are those gut feelings  — in no particular order.




Everybody wants to know what everybody else thinks about Facebook. What do YOU think about it? What’s the first social site YOU look at all blurry eyed first thing in the morning? I was on a panel in a room of 500 women and when I asked that question — 90% said Facebook even though this was a conference about Pinterest! It’s an addiction we can’t seem to give up.

Those who have shed the Facebook addiction end up on G+ – proud and relieved. Even using all the tricks of the trade: Interest Lists, timers, only visiting Groups, and removing the app from my phone… it’s still the stickiest, most time-sucking social site on the planet. I hear the young people are leaving in droves. I wonder when the people of my generation will follow? Do they have the will to try something new? And I’m not talking about tsu and ello.

This is what I think will happen in 2015 with Facebook: Every 6 weeks something will change – something will “roll-out” and some people will be upset about it. That’s one of those “duh” predictions, as that’s Facebook’s pattern for the last two years. I do think Facebook will become many different things – continuing the trend it’s on with Messenger, and the Groups app. The ease of purchasing from within a post will be GOLD for marketers IF they can figure out how to get their posts in your newsfeed. I’m SURE marketers will be spending loads of money on newsfeed ads (just like they are right now). Start saving your advertising dollars now – you’re going to need it as the second wave of marketers take the guru’s advice and try their hand at Facebook ads. Which means vying for eyeballs will cost more money.

I don’t want you to think I completely dislike Facebook. I have said many times I have a love/hate relationship with the beast. The LOVE part is simple. The people I have met, the people I care about, the people I want to help, the people who care about me — that’s the soul of Facebook – and that bit I love. The hate part is how Facebook seems to gloss over the needs of the small business person in many of the changes they’ve brought on in the last few years. I used to jokingly say that Facebook didn’t have a real business person on their development team. I still think that. They seem out of touch. Prove me wrong Facebook.

Facebook Gut Feeling: Less posting, more advertising, demographic shift from young women (teens) to older women (boomers)



ello ello ello What can I say about ello? Of course I have a profile there, but do I ever actually GO there and hang out? Nope. And I just checked all my online marketing buddies who were so curious that they opened an account there, too. And guess what? Only ONE person is posting there (once a week) and that is Guy Kawasaki. Everyone else posted 2 or 3 months ago. I see no reason in going there unless Facebook completely disintegrates – and then – well a better choice would be to go to Instagram (more). 

Ello Gut Feeling: they will try one more big launch and then fade away



I have found myself opening Instagram first thing every day. When you live in Iowa (and the last 30 days have been cold and grey) you have to find images from beautiful places all over the world just to maintain your sanity. Favorites are National Geographic, onderkocaSefa Yamak. And yes, I follow all the social experts there, too, but I prefer the show-me-your-real-life photos of which Chris Brogan is the KING. There are many brands and businesses on Instagram. The ones that show the behind-the-scenes real-life images are (in my opinion) doing Instagram marketing correctly. The ones that show a image of their product hanging on the beach with 30 non-focused hashtags – are not. There is an art to marketing on Instagram – it is NOT Facebook. Please don’t turn Instagram into a mirror of the Facebook newsfeed. Please. 

Instagram Gut Feeling: more users, more active users, more terrible marketing by brands thinking this is Facebook, more in-stream ads, growth of users and growth of complaints



tsu tsu tsu — Gesundheit. :-) I had an account. I asked them to delete it. I feel like there is too much potential for gaming the system with this site. If you don’t know what tsu is – think back many years to Squidoo. Do you remember Squidoo? You created a page on a topic and revenue would be shared from your traffic. Yep – sounds familiar. People worked really hard creating pages that would pull interest. Squidoo is now HubPages and you can still gain income from traffic to your HubPage. So, in so many ways, tsu is nothing new. But it is now styled after a Facebook newsfeed, so there you are – right back to Facebook. 

tsu Gut Feeling: land of the network marketer, goes the way of hubpages, not viable for small businesses



I really like the POTENTIAL of MeWe. It really could be something cool, but it still has to overcome the invisibility cloak it has developed. This social site is Facebook without the creepy crawl. If you want a complete social site without being targeted for advertising – you now have a home. Or you can just continue to complain about Facebook. Funny how just complaining about Facebook will probably win. Sad.

MeWe Gut Feeling: will continue to get amazing press, will find some good niche markets that need small private group settings


Banana Farms in Costa Rica

This is where we all need to be. It’s my way of saying – LOCAL business is where to be. Think about it. I’ve been thinking about it a long time. Maybe 2015 is the year I put my feet directly in the ground and build something new. Join me?

Banana Farm Gut Feeling: more people will either invest in local markets to try to create a kind of urban utopia or start businesses themselves, functional local apps will skyrocket



My Thoughts about 2015 – In Summary

2015 seems to be setting itself up to be another interesting year for online marketing. Almost everyone I know is looking at every social site and seeing if they should move their time and attention there or not. I think there will be some experimenting and testing on YouTube, G+ and LinkedIn. I know businesses who don’t play on Facebook anymore and still have a profitable experience. I also think “Fusion Marketing” (using traditional marketing with your social media marketing mix) will continue to be explored and put into play.

And like I said at the top of the post…


My Prediction for 2015!

2015 will be the Year of… Exploring!



Click –> Here’s another GREAT LIST of  Predictions for 2015


P.S. If you are looking for an easy way to organize your marketing ideas and thoughts around 2015 – you are invited to join me in an a 30-minute training webinar where I show you exactly HOW to get mighty productive in 2015. I’ll see you there?

How to Use Your Google Calendar to Plan for 2015 Success

Phyllis Khare

You don’t need anything special to plan for 2015, just use your Google Calendar! It’s easy! I’ll show you how in this 30-minute webinar that will take you step-by-step through the process I use to have an easy stress-free year.

Join me and share this with your friends. 

Click HERE –> Tuesday, December 30th — 2pm ET

The replay will be available, but you need to register to enjoy it.


In 30 minutes you’ll learn:

  • 5 simple steps to organize your goals for 2015 
  • How to use your Google Calendar that will save you time and money
  • How to be more productive than you’ve even been

You must look at Phyllis‘s method of productivity – it is amazing! I have introduced many people to it and they say it is life-changing. Never again will you go down the rabbit hole!”  – JH


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Click HERE –> Tuesday, December 30th — 2pm ET

The replay will be available, but you need to register to enjoy it.



What Social Media Platforms are best suited for your business?

LOVE this infographic courtesy of QuickSprout . Study it.


When people say they need to be marketing on Facebook because it has the most active users, they might have missed some of the important changes Facebook made in the last 6 months.


Where will you be spending your time and attention in 2015? Have you thought about changing your strategy for 2015?


What Social Media Platforms Are Best Suited For Your Business
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Become the CEO of Your Own Life with 3 Simple Mind-Set Adjustments


Did you miss the webinar?

Download the CEO MindSet Presentation Webinar – PDF


AND here’s a great little episode of Jay Today that really has a GREAT technique for overcoming FEAR.



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