Planning for 2016 Success Using Your Google Calendar

Hello again –

This is an update on the very successful 2015 version with a few added insights into living a calendar-based life.

  • How to use goal-gating to be more productive in 2016
  • How to use your own Google Calendar to organize all your projects for the year
  • How to dissolve those internal blocks to living a calendar-based life.
  • Learn time management techniques you can put into play right away.


And as an extra bonus –

Here’s a fun interview with two of my favorite people from Australia; Loren Bartley and Fiona Redding where we deep dive into this whole idea of living a calendar-based life. I think you’ll enjoy it when Loren has a great AHA moment. 


2016 Predictions with Phyllis Khare and Andrea Vahl | #blab Audio Version

I went back and checked.


I’ve been offering up predictions for the upcoming year since Dec. 2011. In Internet years that’s 50 years (5 x 10 speed of light – 50) Yes, I was an A+ student, except for Math :-)

Here are my previous predictions, if you want a little trip down memory lane (ELLO anyone?).

2012  2013  2014  2015 and now this one for 2016

Our Predictions for 2016

Andrea Vahl and I sat down for blab, this time around, for our predictions. You can read her post about the blab right here.

We narrowed it down to seven predictions:

#1 Streaming Video Use Will Increase
#2 Facebook Live Will Change the Game
#3 Facebook is Still Where It’s At
#4 Podcasting will Grow
#5 More Companies will Reach Out to Influencers for Marketing
#6 Audiences Get Smaller But Are Engaged
#7 Online Training Isn’t Going Away

Andrea really expanded our discussion on each of these ideas, and I highly recommend you read through her post noted above.

I’d like to dive into this idea: Online Training Isn’t Going Away. 

I’m kinda banking on it.

Andrea and I recently sent out a POLL to everyone on our list and hundreds completed it. And surprise surprise surprise. What the number one way people prefer to get more information about a subject? eBooks. What? Not webinars and blabs and blog posts and podcasts? eBooks. OK. I can do that. One other thing I want to share from that POLL is that people really prefer online training with lifetime access. Well, that’s the reason we designed our Social Media Manager School  the way we did. Lifetime access creates lifetime fans. 

Knowing these two things, and in looking at our predictions, my personal goal for 2016 is to focus on my online training programs. I have so much to share.

Enjoy the audio version of our blab – it’s a little experiment into the podcasting arena. Do you like hearing us discuss these types of topics in audio format? Love to hear your impressions. 

The cool thing about posting a Soundcloud audio, is you can share JUST the audio from within the player above (see that share link?). Or PIN this whole post using the image below. Thanks! See you in 2016!

2016 Online Marketing Predictions from Phyllis Khare and Andrea Vahl

Time Management Tips – It’s a Blab

Back to blabbing about TIME

((AND you’ll get to see my new hair color — shocking!!!!)))

We will focus on how to create a life that flows instead of raging on!

This is a blab – so that means YOU are invited to join me on screen and talk about how you manage time. PM me if you want to share your tips during the blab. peace out.

You can bookmark this space to enjoy the conversation or go directly HERE to subscribe.

How to write titles that people will click – 4 of my favorite tools

This morning I watched another fabulous Periscope by my buddy Kim Garst. She is hands-down my favorite person to watch on Periscope (and blab and Facebook and Twitter…..).

And today she was discussing one of my favorite tools for creating titles. Her focus was on creating the best Periscope Title, but the tool she suggested can be used in all sorts of situations where you need to create a title that is attractive to your target audience (blog posts, YouTube titles, eBook titles Facebook posts etc..)

She inspired me to do a scope of my own and show the other tools I use to inspire the creativity in creating titles that will be so attractive to the target audience that they can’t help but click!

Below the Scope are the slides from my recent training session that are linked right to the tool! enjoy!


Phyllis Khare




Phyllis Khare


Content Row


Phyllis Khare






Phyllis Khare


These four slides are a tiny preview of the training programs I have in the works.

Currently they are being held locally, but in the near future you’ll be able to join in online from any location on the planet. :-) Stay tuned!

Explore more:

Kim Garst

Ian Cleary



Follow the Funnel micro-training series


Phyllis Khare Follow the Funnel Model the Process

Seems like I get excited a lot these days. I start my posts off with something like: “I’m so excited about this!” It’s just my nature to be excited, and in this case, I’m excited x5.

Introducing… a series of ONline and OFFline micro-training sessions —


Follow the Funnel –  – Model the Process

I realized awhile ago that THIS is exactly what I do online – I follow someone’s funnel and then model their process. Now I want to share what I’ve learned and teach you how to use these funnels for your (financial) benefit!

ALL of us are in someone’s funnel right now. Think about it:


When you click through to a blog post – you are in someone’s funnel.

When you watch the video – someone’s funnel.

When you give someone your email address for a free thingy – you are obviously now in someone’s funnel.


EVERYTHING you do online – EVEN if it’s passive (“I promise – I didn’t click anything!”) puts you into someone’s funnel.

And before you know it, you are at the shiny gate of their payment gateway.

You are hovering above their click to buy button.

You are deciding if you want the Premium or Platinum version.


Knowingly or unknowingly, YOU have followed a funnel.


Now it’s time to wake up and Model the Process for your OWN benefit.

Hence – my new series of micro-training sessions. I’m so excited! :-)


What are micro-training sessions? Showing you the WHOLE Funnel process (and all their variations) can sometimes be very overwhelming and stressful for the people in my tribe, so let’s start with the individual gears of the funnel and then later on down the road, we can put them all together to make a mighty funnel of marketing awesomeness.


Cool bits about this series:

  • you can take these in person or online
  • each one is hyper-focused on ONE part of a funnel marketing process
  • you get insider knowledge on how savvy marketers are using these funnels without paying their hefty training costs


More about the 5 Micro-Training Sessions


The In-Person Training Sessions:

  • will be held in my house, located in beautiful Fairfield, Iowa.
  • They include the training PLUS hands-on with me to actualize the training.
    (So, you leave with your autoresponders in place, or your affiliate program set up. This is ONLY available in the in-person version.
  • You can choose one, two, three or all the training sessions in the series.
    (Pick the ones that you really need, or purchase the whole series for a super discount.)
  • When you purchase the IN-person training sessions you automatically gain access to the online versions when they open up and complete access to my private Facebook Group. 


The Online Trainings will be:

  • open to anyone, anywhere in the world (English training only at this time)
  • video tutorials, checklists and resources, approx. 1 hour training each
  • plus optional entry into my private Facebook Group for any specific questions.
  • No drops, no kicking you out after 30 days — lifetime access baby!


Yes, you can mix and match if you live here in Fairfield. 

Yes, I’m available to bring these to your city — email me

Yes, I’m excited to introduce you to them right now! :-) 



Phyllis KHare


You’ll learn:

  • the 5 types of autoresponders and which one is best for your audience
  • how to design a “content/sales copy” template for your series
  • how to set up a visual design template
  • successful examples with swipe copy – who loves ya?

In-Person session has implementing included — I’ve added 2 more hours during this in-person training to implement your newly designed email autoresponder series. I’ll help you write, organize, design and implement your fabulous new or redesigned email autoresponder series. whoohoo!



Phyllis Khare


You’ll learn:

  • the 3 types of hashtags in play right now
  • when, where and how many to use (surprising data!) on each social site
  • the best research sites for finding excellent hashtags and related hashtags to expand your organic reach even further
  • how to design an excellent hashtag strategy
  • which social sites will give you the best organic reach results

In-Person session has implementing included — I’ve added 2 more hours during this training to implement your newly designed hashtag strategy. I’ll help you write, organize, design and implement your new system to dramatically expand your ORGANIC online Reach!



Phyllis Khare


You’ll learn:

  • why affiliate programs are used by almost every online marketer and why you should, too!
  • which affiliate program software to chose for your particular situation
  • how to attract the best affiliates for stress-free marketing
  • what they expect and what you need to develop to give to your affiliates
  • how to manage a social calendar with affiliates for smooth promotions

In-Person session has implementing included — I’ve added 2 more hours during this training to implement your newly opened affiliate portal. I’ll help you write, organize, design and implement your new system to dramatically expand your marketing Reach using affiliates!




Phyllis Khare


You’ll learn:

  • the MOST attractive branding element for your target market – Do you know what it is?
  • how to choose colors, fonts and design elements that will be highly magnetic to your core audience
  • how to use the world’s best design site to create images – including a Magic Button!
  • how to figure out how many images you need for each blog post and social post
  • which blog plugins are invaluable for visual marketing
  • knowing when to outsource – and where to outsource – and who to avoid

In-Person implementing included — I’ve added 2 more hours during this training to guide you through creating as many images as we can. I’ll help you research your branding elements, help you create beautiful social images that will be highly magnetized to your target market.



Phyllis Khare


You’ll learn:

  • the 3 reasons why people click and share (the holy grail of online marketing)
  • how to find the best keywords for your audience – and where to place them in a title
  • how to craft a headline – tips from the pros – with online title generators
  • understanding the emotional component of a title and how to create a response
  • the best data for length and complexity for each social site

In-Person implementing included — I’ve added 2 more hours during this training to help you craft title after title after title. I’ll help you write, organize, design and implement your new titles in your blog, social posts, website and videos!



In-Person training sessions – RSVP through email – only 10 seats open – pay at the door

  • $125 each
  • $100 each for 2 or more
  • $350 for all five (that’s $60/each and you save $150!)

Bonus #1 – includes the online version of the ones you choose
Bonus #2 – unlimited email support from me for 90 days!
Bonus #3 – access to me (and my fabulous community) through my private Facebook Group



Online training investment — links to purchase will be up soon.

  • $75 each
  • $70 each for 2 or more
  • $250 for all 5 (that’s $50/each and you save $100!) 

Bonus #1 – access to me through my private Facebook Group
Bonus #2 – unlimited email support from me for 30 days!


Questions? Email me:

Is Periscope the right tool for your business?

phyllis khare periscope

4 Reasons to Check Out Periscope

It’s been a loooooong time since I was excited about a new social site. In fact, I’ve been getting more and more discouraged and bummed out about a lot of the social platforms and took a looooong vacation to try and find my mojo again. I’m not quite all there, yet, but I think Periscope might help me over the mojo line. Here are 4 reasons why I think Periscope is good for business.


1. It’s the ultimate in social interaction.

If you are unsure what Periscope is – here’s the short intro. It’s a live-streaming app that lives on your phone. You open it up – start a live broadcast and people are notified on Twitter to come and have a chat with you. You talk – people text chat with you. Listeners can “heart” what you’re saying by tapping the screen (each person has a different colored heart) and type a text comment or question that shows up on the screen for you to answer and acknowledge.

Live video + live chat + authentic self = Periscope. Or “scoping” as it’s called. :-)

periscopescreen       periscopescreen2


2. Instant engagement solidifies your brand.

[Read more…]

Become the CEO of Your Life


Strategies to Regain Your Life
and Be the CEO You Are
#3 in the Google Calendar Series

UPDATE 7/21/15: Over 750 replay views and growing! This webinar has changed the lives of many people. You’ll learn the 3 ways to remind yourself of your CEO-ship, how to use a calendar to regain power in your time management, seeing which things are really important in your life and much more. Go straight to TimeBliss.ME and see for yourself. 

Become the CEO


Did you pick up any tips on how to use your Google Calendar? Love to hear about it.

You can watch the other Hidden Powers of Google Calendar series webinars here:


Blogging for Success Using Google Calendar

The Hidden Powers of Google Calendar
#2 in the Google Calendar Series

UPDATE 7/21/15: This webinar replay has close to 800 views! Google Calendar is an amazing tool. I though it might be good to move this replay here to the blog for further exposure. Even though this is about blogging- the ideas are timeless. This is the second in a series I created to teach you how to rock your Calendar for success. You can go straight to TimeBliss.ME right now here.



Did you pick up any tips on how to use your Google Calendar? Love to hear about it.

You can watch the other Hidden Powers of Google Calendar series webinars here:


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