Time Management Tips – It’s a Blab

Back to blabbing about TIME

((AND you’ll get to see my new hair color — shocking!!!!)))

We will focus on how to create a life that flows instead of raging on!

This is a blab – so that means YOU are invited to join me on screen and talk about how you manage time. PM me if you want to share your tips during the blab. peace out.

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Interviewing Grandma Mary about Being a Social Media Manager and How To Price Your Services

Andrea Vahl Grandma Mary Phyllis Khare

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Grandma Mary. I hope you already know who she is…If not, please explore her world here and here.

We covered a lot of interesting territory for new social media managers in under 10 minutes!

Here are the questions I asked her:

  • Pricing is a big topic – how did you figure our yours?
  • How did you get new clients – and what do they say when they first meet you? :-)
  • Stroll down memory lane – how did it feel when you made that first $1000?
  • How do you stay current and leading edge with all the social media changes?
  • How much time do you sit at the computer? Is it all work?
  • What’s coming up in your world?


Grandma Mary (Andrea Vahl) and I are putting together 3 great mini-webinars coming up this September 3, 4, 5. We’re focusing on pricing – which happens to be our number 1 question we get!

I hope to see you there. Oh, and by registering for the webinars you also get access to the FRE.E portion of our Social Media Manager School that has a boat-load of goodies like these:

  • 3 Mini Webinars: How to Price Your Social Media Management Services
  • 3 steps to earning an extra $1k a month (and more) with clients you’ll love
  • 3 steps to finding the right clients for your business
  • the best ways to bring new clients in the door
  • how to find your corner of this lucrative market
  • what’s working and what’s not in social media (with a super cool infographics)
  • 6 steps to becoming a well-paid and sought after social media manager or consultant
  • the Top Tools for Social Media Managers
  • How to Do a Social Media Audit (compete with Cheatsheets you can use)
  • how you can run a side business as a Social Media Manager
  • And more!

Plus, you’ll also get access to:

Andrea Vahl Phyllis Khare

“How to Earn an Extra $1000 a Month on the Side as a Social Media Consultant” webinar!


Phyllis Khare interviews Grandma Mary about Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Gplus and Pheed


Grandma Mary always has the best advice no matter which social media site  she is discussing. In this short interview she talks about the Facebook news feed and the particular problems that Page owners face.

I also got her to talk a little about Twitter, Pinterest,  LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus and Pheed. and something about chasing chickens… enjoy.

What Have Andrea Vahl and I been up to…? Social Media Manager School!

And now it’s OPEN! 

We have been deeply focused on creating this amazing space where we have gathered our combined experience to help people expand and refine their business as social media managers. 

Looking to expand your skill and services as a social media manager…explore!
Trying to figure out fresh ways to find better clientsclick through!
Just curious what Andrea and I have been up to…take a look!

Sit back and soak in a 60 minute idea-packed webinar we recently recorded!

Find (excellent) local and virtual clients to make more money.
Successfully manage existing clients using the best tools.
Organize your day so you’re always in control.
Get paid on time (for your expertise) because you’re worth it!
Get the hottest tips for all the social sites – be the go-to rock star.

Social Media Marketing Webinar – Convert Views into Revenue – hosted by iPhone Life magazine


Here’s the update on the social media marketing webinar I gave for the people connected to iPhone Life magazine. First of all, I had a blast going through some great actionable things app developers and small businesses can do right now on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Here the link to their blog post follow up.

And here’s a bit of their post:

This past Tuesday we hosted a fantastic webinar with Social Media Expert Phyllis Khare. She gave us a sneak preview into her full Social Media Ninja workshop program. The webinar was a huge success, and for those of you who missed it, below you can play a recording of it (it’s just over one hour long). A lot of people asked for the Powerpoint Slides and for the information about her full program, which includes a one-on-one consultation with Phyllis, 60 days of unlimited email support, and full access to her learning center, where she has video tutorials that show you how to rock YouTube, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

There’s a lot of specific information on their blog post about this special program I created for their community. If you are an app developer, or small business owner — you should go and read about it. The spaces are filling up pretty quick!

Here’s the webinar recording — you can go to their post to see the slideshare presentation, too.

Protect your photos with the iWatermark iPhone app


Sometimes I’ll take what I think is a really good photo and want to share them on my social sites, but have in the back of my head I’d like to protect them, just in case I decide to use the photo in a business project down the road. I used to think – well — I’ll have to take it over to Photoshop and create a watermark to project it. I might be a bit later to the game, but there is a wonderful app that is so much easier than using Photoshop — iWatermark by Plum Amazing.

Enjoy the quick video and check it out! [Read more…]

How to use HootSuite’s New Feature – Interactive, Dynamic Scheduling Calendar


Here is a short video tutorial on some of the new features in HootSuite.


Let me know how much you like this in the comments.

VYou Video Tour and Tutorial

One of the most exciting things I’ve seen online is VYou.com. If you love video as much as I do,
this will be fun, too. the gist is – people type in a question – and you answer it by video.
You can see that in action on my own VYou Channel http://vyou.com/phyllis

Watch the short tutorial below and then I’ll discuss all the wonderful ways
you could use this in your business.

Here’s a list of ideas to consider:

  • FAQ: use it to answer frequently asked questions, like I did on my site
  • Share: use it to share resources, based on the questions asked
  • Building a Community: rally people around a cause with your emotional responses
  • Showing potential presenters your personality and expertise

There are so many ways to use it. what could you do with this platform? Love to hear about it in the comments.

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