Planning for Success Using Google Calendar

The Hidden Powers of Google Calendar
#1 in the Google Calendar Series

UPDATE 12/16/15: This webinar replay has over 72 THOUSAND views! Google Calendar is an amazing tool. I though it might be good to move it here to the blog for further exposure. Even though this is about planning for 2015 - the ideas are timeless. This is the first in a series I created to teach you how to rock your Calendar for success. You can go directly to TimeBliss.ME right here. The 90% off link is still good!



Did you pick up any tips on how to use your Google Calendar? Love to hear about it. Here’s part of a recent testimonial:

“Your webinar “Planning for 2015 Success Using Your Google Calendar” is one of the best I have ever seen.  I have replayed it three times!  You have a gift of communicating in clear, simple and easy to use techniques that anyone can use!”
Results?  I have already doubled my effectiveness just by adding my 2015 goals and taking the broad strokes and adding the specific tasks by day and time to actualize the events!   There is power and freedom just in seeing what has to be done!    The pressure/stress is lowered, because I can see what has to be done, and I just do it:-) –Steve Van Ooteghem


You can watch the other Hidden Powers of Google Calendar series webinars here:


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