2016 Predictions with Phyllis Khare and Andrea Vahl | #blab Audio Version

I went back and checked.


I’ve been offering up predictions for the upcoming year since Dec. 2011. In Internet years that’s 50 years (5 x 10 speed of light – 50) Yes, I was an A+ student, except for Math :-)

Here are my previous predictions, if you want a little trip down memory lane (ELLO anyone?).

2012  2013  2014  2015 and now this one for 2016

Our Predictions for 2016

Andrea Vahl and I sat down for blab, this time around, for our predictions. You can read her post about the blab right here.

We narrowed it down to seven predictions:

#1 Streaming Video Use Will Increase
#2 Facebook Live Will Change the Game
#3 Facebook is Still Where It’s At
#4 Podcasting will Grow
#5 More Companies will Reach Out to Influencers for Marketing
#6 Audiences Get Smaller But Are Engaged
#7 Online Training Isn’t Going Away

Andrea really expanded our discussion on each of these ideas, and I highly recommend you read through her post noted above.

I’d like to dive into this idea: Online Training Isn’t Going Away. 

I’m kinda banking on it.

Andrea and I recently sent out a POLL to everyone on our list and hundreds completed it. And surprise surprise surprise. What the number one way people prefer to get more information about a subject? eBooks. What? Not webinars and blabs and blog posts and podcasts? eBooks. OK. I can do that. One other thing I want to share from that POLL is that people really prefer online training with lifetime access. Well, that’s the reason we designed our Social Media Manager School  the way we did. Lifetime access creates lifetime fans. 

Knowing these two things, and in looking at our predictions, my personal goal for 2016 is to focus on my online training programs. I have so much to share.

Enjoy the audio version of our blab – it’s a little experiment into the podcasting arena. Do you like hearing us discuss these types of topics in audio format? Love to hear your impressions. 

The cool thing about posting a Soundcloud audio, is you can share JUST the audio from within the player above (see that share link?). Or PIN this whole post using the image below. Thanks! See you in 2016!

2016 Online Marketing Predictions from Phyllis Khare and Andrea Vahl

Giving You What You Want — 7 Years Later

Phyllis Khare

Seven Years Ago…

Nobody online knew who I was… including YOU!


Since then I’ve written two “Dummies” books, been featured on high profile blogs and training programs, and listed on all sorts of cool Twitter lists for Authors. ALL because of the wonderful connections and friendships I am honored to experience.

I’ve also, with the fantastic partnership with Andrea Vahl, built the Social Media Manager School (in its 4th year) and the Social Media Managers Directory (NEW).

I took the hard lessons I learned about time management, packaged all that up in TimeBliss.ME, and shared it with the world (with some raving fans!).

((Hang with me – there’s a very personal reason I’m tooting my own horn))

I’ve either enjoyed personally, or been a part of, several 6-figure online launches. I’ve been in front and behind the camera on so many marketing videos and programs I’ve almost lost count, AND I have several other amazing gizmos and programs in the works for 2015!


But here’s the deal – Someone asks me a question like this almost every day:

“How did they do that?”


They want to know how their industry peers and competitors organized their email capture, which system they used for video editing, which landing page theme did they use, how are they recording their webinars, and about a hundred other very specific questions about tech, marketing tools, and processes.

I also get asked how to set up a sales funnel for specific industries, how to do “re-targeting ads” in Facebook, how to plan a book launch or product launch, how to organize a blogging schedule and how to utilize the best keywords.


Guess What?

I have answers for all of those
(and about a zillion other) questions.


Do you have important business questions I can answer? 


I recently opened an Application for Mentorship in order to help as many people as possible with personal mentorship, consulting, Group Masterminds, and recommendations.


There’s so much involved with giving business advice, so I’m very careful when choosing people to coach and mentor. It’s important that we are a good match and I can provide VALUE for where you are – right now – in your business.

I invite you to take a look at the application and see if this is something that can help you push forward in your business this year.

P.S. That happy image of me above is from the last day of a workshop I gave for the David Lynch M.A. in Film students on how to build a social platform. Yes, I teach at the University level, too. I love it. Got a college or University program I need to contact? Let me know by using my contact form or through any of my social accounts. Thanks!

What are the 9 Types of Tools You Need as a Social Media Manager?

Phyllis Khare

In my experience as a social media manager, consultant, and trainer, there are 9 categories of “tools” someone needs to conduct their business. These categories could have 10-20 different systems, but in my world simplicity reigns supreme. Find the one or two best tools for each category, and try not to get distracted by the next shiny idea. If you find the systems you chose don’t work for you, then go shopping for just that type of tool. Try to avoid the “Top 200 Tools” lists. Instead, tap your community to ask what they use and ask for reviews.

This is not a list of tools for managing your social sites; it is a list of tools to manage YOUR life as a social media manager.

You’re going to need these 9 types of tools: calendar, social posting scheduler, invoicing system, social account management, relationship management, image creation and editing, reporting system, file management, and an online meeting system. Everything else is icing on the social media manager cake.


Let’s go through them one at a time, and I’ll try to explain why you need to figure them out now – even before you have a client. If you already have clients, hopefully this help you streamline your process and save you time and make you more money!
  [Read more…]

Interviewing Grandma Mary about Being a Social Media Manager and How To Price Your Services

Andrea Vahl Grandma Mary Phyllis Khare

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Grandma Mary. I hope you already know who she is…If not, please explore her world here and here.

We covered a lot of interesting territory for new social media managers in under 10 minutes!

Here are the questions I asked her:

  • Pricing is a big topic – how did you figure our yours?
  • How did you get new clients – and what do they say when they first meet you? :-)
  • Stroll down memory lane – how did it feel when you made that first $1000?
  • How do you stay current and leading edge with all the social media changes?
  • How much time do you sit at the computer? Is it all work?
  • What’s coming up in your world?


Grandma Mary (Andrea Vahl) and I are putting together 3 great mini-webinars coming up this September 3, 4, 5. We’re focusing on pricing – which happens to be our number 1 question we get!

I hope to see you there. Oh, and by registering for the webinars you also get access to the FRE.E portion of our Social Media Manager School that has a boat-load of goodies like these:

  • 3 Mini Webinars: How to Price Your Social Media Management Services
  • 3 steps to earning an extra $1k a month (and more) with clients you’ll love
  • 3 steps to finding the right clients for your business
  • the best ways to bring new clients in the door
  • how to find your corner of this lucrative market
  • what’s working and what’s not in social media (with a super cool infographics)
  • 6 steps to becoming a well-paid and sought after social media manager or consultant
  • the Top Tools for Social Media Managers
  • How to Do a Social Media Audit (compete with Cheatsheets you can use)
  • how you can run a side business as a Social Media Manager
  • And more!

Plus, you’ll also get access to:

Andrea Vahl Phyllis Khare

“How to Earn an Extra $1000 a Month on the Side as a Social Media Consultant” webinar!


How to Become a Successful (Happy) Social Media Manager

Phyllis Khare Social Media Manager School

UPDATE:  Our School is OPEN until midnight Pacific Time USA Oct. 8.


What a WILD last few months! Andrea Vahl and I have been so busy re-vamping, re-recording, re-designing and re-launching our Social Media Manager School. Now we are ready to open it up to a new group of students! This will be the fourth time we’ve opened the doors to our School and each time it gets better. Oh, and for those of you already IN SMMS – remember you have lifetime access to everything within its virtual walls. Yes. That’s how we roll. 

We’ve had some of our students take the leap to do this work full-time, leaving behind jobs they didn’t love. Here’s a quote from one of our students, the amazing Cynthia Sanchez, included in our F*r*ee Training:

[Read more…]

Social Media Manager School

Do You Want to Make Money as a… Social Media Manager?

Or are you already a Social Media Consultant and need better clients?


Do you need to know how to:

● Find (excellent) local and virtual clients to make more money
● Successfully manage existing clients using the best tools
Organize your day so you’re always in control
● Get paid on time (for your expertise) because you’re worth it!
● Get the hottest tips for all the social sites so you are the go-to rock star

Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare have opened their Book of Secrets about how, with a few simple strategies, YOU, too, can find and successfully manage as many social media clients as YOU CAN HANDLE! http://socialmediamanagerschool.com


[Read more…]

Find out what the new Facebook changes mean – Expanded Answers from the #SMManners Twitter Chat



I really enjoy a good Twitter chat. And last night was another example of a great community built through the Twitter stream using hashtags to create a real-time “chat”. When people talk about Twitter going out of style, I always remind them of the power of the Twitter Chat. Look at these stats for last night:



If you haven’t enjoyed a Twitter chat yet, take a look at this schedule and find one you think you’ll enjoy. Then read this post  about how it all works. When my second book comes out, I have a large section in the Twitter chapter about chats, too. [Read more…]

Protect your photos with the iWatermark iPhone app


Sometimes I’ll take what I think is a really good photo and want to share them on my social sites, but have in the back of my head I’d like to protect them, just in case I decide to use the photo in a business project down the road. I used to think – well — I’ll have to take it over to Photoshop and create a watermark to project it. I might be a bit later to the game, but there is a wonderful app that is so much easier than using Photoshop — iWatermark by Plum Amazing.

Enjoy the quick video and check it out! [Read more…]

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