Blogging for Success Using Google Calendar

The Hidden Powers of Google Calendar
#2 in the Google Calendar Series

UPDATE 7/21/15: This webinar replay has close to 800 views! Google Calendar is an amazing tool. I though it might be good to move this replay here to the blog for further exposure. Even though this is about blogging- the ideas are timeless. This is the second in a series I created to teach you how to rock your Calendar for success. You can go straight to TimeBliss.ME right now here.



Did you pick up any tips on how to use your Google Calendar? Love to hear about it.

You can watch the other Hidden Powers of Google Calendar series webinars here:


Another Reason Why I Love G+ – Social SEO Evidence from Martin Shervington <- my hero

This is one of the reasons I love G+ and why Martin Shervington is my (social) hero. Here is a bit from the video description:

Every post on Google+ is indexed by Google, so content that is amplified on G+ can surface very quickly in Search. Check out the ‘SEO Facts’ and ‘Evidence’ here!

Want to learn more about Google+? (Free Quickstarter Guide)

Watch the under 2 minute video to see why I’m a fan. It’s STILL all about Search.

Do You Know the High-Persuasion PowerPoint Presentation Secrets?

My friend Ellen does!

clickHERE copy

She asks: Are you losing opportunities
and boring your audience?

Then you need to know the secrets of creating high-persuasion PowerPoint presentations! If you don’t know them, you’re losing opportunities and sales.

During this free webinar, presented by PowerPoint expert (mega-expert in my opinion) Ellen Finkelstein,  you’ll see WITH YOUR OWN EYES:

  • Why you shouldn’t put what you say on your slides
    contrary to what you see all the time!
  • Why images are much more persuasive than text
  • How to use powerful images to persuade your audiences
  • The 3 PowerPoint problems that most presenters make
    and how to easily solve them
  • How to tap into your audience’s emotions so they
    will make the decision to buy, approve, or accept your message

And you’ll see why to NEVER use bullet points like you see above and BELOW in the image on a PowerPoint or Keynote slide!

Powerpoint Phyllis Khare


You’ll see great before and after examples
that you can use as models.


You’ll hear how one marketer used these techniques to increase his conversion rate from 50% to 70%.

Don’t miss out on this one, you’re absolutely going to love it.

What past attendees have said

Here are some comments from past attendees:

  • “I really learned a lot and enjoy this session. Thanks a million.”
  • “Love the overlay of photos — makes an impact!”
  • “Good tips and inspiring, thank you”
  • “Thank you so much. Wonderful.”
  • “Thanks Ellen, you are one of the best”
  • “Thank you Ellen for sharing your knowledge and experience in such a caring way”
  • “Thanks, Ellen – love your extremely helpful tips!”
  • “Ellen, always so helpful, thanks!”

When is it?

Date: Wednesday, August 14th

Time: 11am PT / 2pm ET

Click –> Put it on your calendar!



Social Media Manager School

Do You Want to Make Money as a… Social Media Manager?

Or are you already a Social Media Consultant and need better clients?


Do you need to know how to:

● Find (excellent) local and virtual clients to make more money
● Successfully manage existing clients using the best tools
Organize your day so you’re always in control
● Get paid on time (for your expertise) because you’re worth it!
● Get the hottest tips for all the social sites so you are the go-to rock star

Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare have opened their Book of Secrets about how, with a few simple strategies, YOU, too, can find and successfully manage as many social media clients as YOU CAN HANDLE!


[Read more…]

An Easy Way to Take Notes and Record at the Same Time with SoundNote


This is my first foray into video reviews. I enjoy these apps so much I want to share them with my connections.

I happened upon this particular app (SoundNote) the first week of getting my iPad1.

I didn’t have a use for it until recently, when it became one of the most important apps I have!

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think. [Read more…]

How to Create a Facebook business Page – the easy way – Part 1 and 2 This is a very short video tutorial I made for my friends on how to create a Facebook Business [Read more…]

Video Tutorial Using YouTube Search by Phyllis Khare short tutorial for a client to find her video on youtube http

Video Tutorial Using Facebook and by Phyllis Khare Not on Facebook yet? http for

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