Phyllis Khare


Author, Trainer
& Entrepreneur

REGAIN your productivity by
mastering your calendar!

Here's what people are saying...
"I can't tell you what a breakthrough it was. People have been telling me, for a long time, to "schedule my tasks" And I tried, with Google calendar and other systems but I couldn't make it work comfortably -- but your course put me in the right mindset and showed me how to do a few little simple tweaks to Google calendar and use it as the tool it was meant to be -- in just a few hours. Worth every penny. I only wish I had found it years ago." -- Sarah Zeldman 

Discover an innovative way
to use Google Calendar

Are you saying things like; "I don't have enough time, I'm so overwhelmed with how much I have to do...."
I’ve developed a no-fluff training program to teach you how to:
  • get more done every day – every week -- every year!
  • learn the techniques that successful solopreneurs use to make more money online and offline 
  • develop a better relationship with Time so you feel RELIEF from stress
There are 3 video tutorial and audio coaching sections in my program;
     --> learn the innovative system - step-by-step video tutorials
     --> learn the VITAL mindset shift - soothing audio coaching
     --> watch over my shoulder 
as I complete my 6 Simple Rules

STOP using a TO-DO List!

I PROMISE to show you how to transition OUT of using a To-Do List (which never gets done) and into a calendar-based life. You can still create that list BUT then you NEED to move it over to your calendar so it GETS DONE!
I'll also show you how to take a mindmap of a product launch and schedule the whole thing ON your calendar so IT GETS DONE! (By the way, I've used this exact process over and over to make 6 figures with my product launches!)
In total there are over 15 videos; 3 audio sessions, several focused webinar recordings and supporting documents and checklists; and a NEW Facebook Group for TimeBliss.ME members to support you through this process.
Here's another testimonial from a new member:
Wow, that is a powerful statement. The last couple of years everything has been turned so inside out and upside down for me that I have felt completely out of control. I didn’t realize just how deeply affected until just now listening to this. Thank you for reminding me, I do have the power to take control again.” ~EV