How to write titles that people will click – 4 of my favorite tools

This morning I watched another fabulous Periscope by my buddy Kim Garst. She is hands-down my favorite person to watch on Periscope (and blab and Facebook and Twitter…..).

And today she was discussing one of my favorite tools for creating titles. Her focus was on creating the best Periscope Title, but the tool she suggested can be used in all sorts of situations where you need to create a title that is attractive to your target audience (blog posts, YouTube titles, eBook titles Facebook posts etc..)

She inspired me to do a scope of my own and show the other tools I use to inspire the creativity in creating titles that will be so attractive to the target audience that they can’t help but click!

Below the Scope are the slides from my recent training session that are linked right to the tool! enjoy!


Phyllis Khare




Phyllis Khare


Content Row


Phyllis Khare






Phyllis Khare


These four slides are a tiny preview of the training programs I have in the works.

Currently they are being held locally, but in the near future you’ll be able to join in online from any location on the planet. :-) Stay tuned!

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