Hi – I’m Phyllis Khare

Mentor & Retreat Facilitator

Helping You Build a Business You Love

My NEXT In-Person Business Mastermind Retreat

will be Sept. 29th – Oct. 3rd in Denver, CO. This small peer group mastermind retreat is built to help you get clear on how you want your life and business to feel and function. This will be the 5th Business Mastermind Retreat since 2016. 

Helping You Achieve Success

Learn How to Build a Business You LOVE

This NEW Business Mastermind Retreat is built upon three types of transformations: business, mastermind, and retreat.

Business - learn the things you NEED to learn in order to build a business. Real training by people who know what they're doing.

Mastermind - surrounded by peers with a wealth of experience in many worlds of business and life, you'll have sage advice from new friends.

Retreat - time to think. Time to journal and discover. Time to learn how to do that and be happy about it 🙂

“Going on the SMMS Retreat was like a breath of fresh air for my business! It was inspirational to discuss topics and brainstorm about my business with a fantastic group of can-do, strong, and successful business owners. I walked away with plans for moving my business forward and the mindset and energy to accomplish them.”

2019 Atlanta Retreat

“The retreat consisted of engaging training sessions, group consulting and mastermind sessions. One of the greatest benefits in attending is meeting other like-minded business owners and the exchanging of ideas. Everyone is willing to share information and knowledge. I walked away from the experience with a definitive goal for the next 90 days and a clear path for the next year. I highly recommend that you make plans to attend the next retreat!”

2019 Atlanta Retreat

“The Retreat is a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow business owners who understand your wins and struggles when owning a digital business. Whether you are just starting out or have been doing this for many, many years, everyone walks away with learning something new about themselves or their business.”

2019 Atlanta Retreat

You have questions?
I have answers.

If this your first time at one of my retreats you might have a few questions. Here are the ones I get most often.

Is this just learning how to do new things?

This event is more than just learning new things. It’s about designing your own business so that it suits YOU. That process might involve learning something new or letting go of something old. It might involve connecting with someone who will fill in your gaps. It might involve many things. 

Will I be able to enjoy being in Denver while at the event?

I always plan in adventures out and about. I have several fun things planned to do as a group and loads of optional things you can do in between sessions. 

How woowoo is this anyway?

lol – I always try to make sure everyone is super comfortable with any process I bring to the sessions. You might learn something new about yourself. 

Can I bring a spouse or significant other?

Of course! they can attend the meals and adventures, but not the work sessions. 

You might be wondering where we’re going to meet. This time all our sessions will be held in the beautiful Village Workspace! That means – excellent INTERNET!

And our hosts at The Village Workspace are seasoned online marketing experts with their own agency – you might know Gina Schreck. She’s a powerful business woman and good friend.

We will have spaces for full meetings, small group work, individual spaces to hide and do some client work (don’t tell Phyllis), all within the comforts of Gina’s beautiful co-working space.

Take time to recharge and look deeply into what you need to do next.

Did you know I’ve facilitated (and co-facilitated) four Business Mastermind Retreats since 2016?  

Have I told you all the success stories of the people who have attended in the past? Have I told you about the transformation and re-creation of businesses that have changed people’s lives?

If you want a small-group experience with a highly focused process to help you build the business and life you love – let me know and I will send you all the details. I only have 4 seats left and if this calls to you at all – please reach out right away to reserve your place.

OH and you don’t need to be a social media manager or even in that industry at all in order to gain the benefits of this business mastermind retreat.

“The people! I really liked the mix of people – differences in years of experience, age range, variety of business models and services offered. I came away from the retreat renewed and with some new ideas and I hope what I shared will be helpful to other people, as well.”

Atlanta Retreat

“If you’re feeling stuck in your business and need some inspiration, definitely attend a retreat! You’ll get not only practical tools, one on one support, and great ideas — but also motivation in areas you never thought about for the future of your business. As a natural introvert, it’s tough to get me out of my comfy routine but I highly recommend it!”

Atlanta Retreat

“Once again, the 2019 Business Retreat blew away my expectations! I’m already looking forward to the next retreat! Phyllis’ wealth of knowledge and experience is unsurpassed. She has a knack for guiding the discussion and helping participants get to the heart of limiting beliefs that may be holding them back from having the business that they want and one that they will love.”

Atlanta Retreat

Is it time to build a business you love? Do you still have questions? Use this link to send them to me.