Hi! Welcome!

Thanks for dropping by – I think I have some answers for you —

You are here because you asked what I charge for my online marketing services…

I’ve been asked this many times – what do I charge – what are my service rates?

Thank goodness that’s not how I work with people.

Let me explain.

I have found through the over 14 years I’ve been an online marketer (and the 30 years before that as an OFFline marketer) that every single contract I’ve ever had with a client has been custom-built.

Every single one.

Instead of giving you a standard service rate card for all the different things I offer, let’s talk about what you want to expand or create anew in your business.

I will listen very carefully and provide you with what I think it would take to make your dream a reality.

But to help you decide if you want to work with me, here’s an example of what I call a full-stack client.

I do all of the following things (and more) for $5000/month, and he makes 5x that amount because of these actions. And yes, we have team members I manage for some of this. 

And this is IMPORTANT – You might only need one or two of these things which would make the monthly fee a lot lower.

Let’s figure out those most important things to do to increase your income and reach in the world.

  • I manage the writers who create a good first draft of a daily blog post of over 1200 words.
  • I copy edit and finish off the daily blog posts by adding all the images, social meta data, and then SEO the post so it ranks for the keyword we’ve chosen for it. I do at least 50 different things for each blog post to ensure it is the best possible.
  • I design and send out a daily email for this client that highlights the daily blog post and other promotional items (new live events, new communities, etc.) and I’m getting around a 48% open rate DAILY.
  • I create all the daily social media posts to support the daily blog posts for Facebook (Page and Group), LinkedIn, X, and Threads.
  • I copy edit and design all new ebooks (delivered in PDF format) and set them up in a Shopify account with digital downloads.
  • I finalize designs for merch – think t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, all the things.
  • I train and manage the volunteer moderators for social so that the online audience I’ve helped develop (from just a few hundred to a combined over 1M followers) is smooth and as troll-free as possible.
  • I produce a live stream weekly for this client.
  • I provide the research needed to add new programs to this influencer stack – recently including Amazon Live Shopping.
  • I also manage some customer service emails and direct messages to the appropriate people on the team.


There are a lot more things that I do, but I think you get the idea here.

Remember – THIS is a full stack client. You might only need one or two of these things — let’s talk about it.

“I’ve known Phyllis Khare for at least 12 years which is forever in social media time. During that time I’ve been honored to call her a co-author, co-founder, and a dear friend.

Her skills as a course creator, online marketer, and teacher are truly amazing. She knows exactly how to lay out a course and course material that is not only insanely informative but also elegant and visually engaging.

She is easy to work with, wicked smart, and fun to hang around. If you can take her course or work with her in any way, I would highly recommend it.”

– Andrea Vahl (Andrea Vahl Inc.)

I hope you can see that I can focus on ONE or ALL of  these areas of business.

You probably have one or more of these in mind that needs a boost of energy and reach.

  • content creation
  • social media marketing
  • email marketing
  • short and long video marketing
  • ecommerce

When we talk, let’s figure out which of these needs our combined attention, and then I can generate a proposed regular monthly fee. 

You should also know I don’t work by the hour.

Never have – never will.

If a project needs more time – I give it.

If my expertise means I can do it quickly with big results – that’s the way to go.

Yes, I’ve been helping people a long time.

Bio is here. 

Now that you’ve read through all of this, if you want to discuss working with me, please schedule a time for us to talk about your business needs and dreams. 

You might also see that I have used the language of “working with” and not “working for” …

I consider my position as more of a partner for your business instead of a non-interested contractor or employee.

If I work with you, I will be dedicated to your success.