“I’ve known Phyllis Khare for at least 8 years which is forever in social media time. During that time I’ve been honored to call her a co-author, co-founder, and a dear friend. Her skills as a course creator and teacher are truly amazing. She knows exactly how to lay out a course and course material that is not only insanely informative but also elegant and visually engaging. She is easy to work with, wicked smart, and fun to hang around. If you can take her course or work with her in any way, I would highly recommend it.”

– Andrea Vahl (Andrea Vahl Inc.)

“Phyllis stands head and shoulders above many others I’ve encountered in this young and rapidly growing area of expertise. She knows what to do, when to do it and what tools to use to maximize impact across all social channels. She can effortlessly craft your brand’s personality, voice, values and tailor specific targeted messages to specific demographic categories, all within your company’s budgetary needs.”

– Janet DiGiovanni (Dash Advisors)

“Peaceful Media attracts some amazing #DoMoreGood clients from all over the planet. And when we need some yoda-like strategies for their social media marketing, Phyllis always delivers. She knows all the tricks, technologies, and tactics, but what really sets her apart is how she approaches her work — with supreme heart, wisdom, and sincerity.”

– Jason Miller (Peaceful Media owner)


Phyllis, thank you for the brilliant consultation!

I loved all of your wise advice, and I’ve passed it on to my social media manager.  She and I are both thrilled with the practical steps you recommended to increase the size of my audience online.

 Since meeting with you, my overwhelm and intimidation with social media has turned into excitement about the new possibilities you’ve opened me to—now that’s a huge feat!

 I’m so impressed with your masterful trainings; your powerful products that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses with social media, and your wonderfully practical books, especially Social Media Marketing eLearning Kit for Dummies.

Bravo! I’m so grateful for your guidance, and I know you’ll meet with great success in all you do.

Marci Shimoff 15 Million Books Sold | Authority on Creating Lasting Happiness


Phyllis’ expertise in the world of social media is nothing less than amazing.

Yet, broken down into bite-size lessons, she has taken me to corners of Twitter, LinkedIn and the like that I’d never have imagined I could grasp, or for that matter, find pertinent to me as an artist.

Phyllis presents the material in a most user-friendly way, generous with her time and knowledge, and with such patience.

Perfect find!

Stacey Hurlin visual artist – expressing the divine feminine



Phyllis is an energetic, clear and caring teacher.

Really, she taught us baby boomers social media details, with great patience. It worked because the class includes hands on practice along with in-depth guidelines.

Phyllis makes it fun, and for me, that’s what education should be about, especially internet learning for us boomers navigating a new way to market and think.

I just wish I could take her home with me.

Lenora Boyle Coaching women to live the sweet life, la dolce


If you are looking for the most comprehensive information in social media marketing, Phyllis Khare has it all!

She really DOES live online and is always up on the latest changes in a myriad of social media accounts and how they function and interact with each other.

She has an amazing ability to put social media marketing strategies together in unique ways that market you or your business AND get significant measurable results.

I’ve often told her I would love to be able to ‘download’ her brain into mine.  She is truly a Social Media Guru!

Maryann Hesse Reclaim your Innate Power from Broken Relationships and Live in Wholeness




Phyllis Khare is one of the most talented and inspiring teachers I have ever experienced.  

Her social media marketing course had us all on the edge of our seats, and after each session of an hour and a half, most of us stayed for another hour because we were pumped to learn more.  

One of Phyllis’s great attributes is that she gives and gives without reservations, answering all our questions with patience and good humor.  

She is completely organized, is a master of her materials, and knows how to handle a group of lively people.  She has to keep adding classes in her schedule because once the work gets out, people are lining up at her door.
Janet Swartz Developer, Teacher, Facilitator of the Empowerment Process®



The social media classes with Phyllis Khare were life changing and will continue to excite and motivate me for a long time.

Without diminishing the hugeness of the networking world she makes you feel like you can access the important points and create a new level of presence on the web.

She brings you step by step into the magic of each arena and teaches not only the technical details but keeps you in touch with the goals underlying them.

I just love how much personal support we all got and it’s no wonder she is so respected for her generous sharing in so many circles.
Wendy Stegall Love & Grace through Dance