Recently, I helped a new client design a few tweets for the upcoming Thanksgiving week. She wanted to schedule them and be able to walk away and enjoy her family. We spent an hour designing a few interesting tweets and procuring some backlinks from serpninja, that linked directly to her services on her new website. She is an established healer/consultant with a new website and new to social media.

All the tweets were interesting, conversational and easily ReTweetable, but one in particular was packed with keywords in her field – “Deep clearing for children with ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Other Imbalances…” and a link to a page on her site specifically about those keywords. It went out once – Thanksgiving Day a little before 6PM.

The other tweets at various times during the week got between 20-30 clicks each. Typical for the number of her Followers. The keyword rich one got 378 clicks from one tweet.

There were no ReTweets on this one, so I’m assuming all the clicks were from keyword searches. In fact, most of the clicks were the day after Thanksgiving. All those family gatherings probably prompted the search the next day.

Needless to say, the client is happy to know how to drive traffic to her site. I know more established websites get this kind of page views on an hourly basis, but for someone with a new website and new to social media, this is an inspiring number – full of possibilities.

378 clicks

378 clicks