Time Bliss Phyllis Khare


3 Steps to Time Bliss

Do you think time is your enemy? Do you find yourself saying…

“I don’t have enough time…my time is running out…where did the time go?”

If I’ve learned anything in this life, I know that you can Flip it Around!

YOU are the CEO of your life! Stop being a victim to something you can change!

Here are three tips to get you started down the road to Time Bliss.

1. Acknowledge that YOU are the CEO of your life.
You have the power to organize your life anyway you want. Truly, you do. I know when you are feeling a tremendous amount of pressure to get that major project completed, or to do all the things on your never-ending list, or to be everything to everybody, this might sound unattainable. If your daily schedule is too full and driving you to overwhelm – acknowledge that YOU created that situation and NOW YOU’RE going to turn it around. Just acknowledge it. Say to yourself (even if you don’t feel it right now) I am 100% responsible for my life. You might need to say this a few more time until you start to actually FEEL it in your body. Then get ready for that A-HA moment when you realize that you really ARE 100% responsible. Once that happens you will feel a rush of energy flood you as you take back your power! 


2. Devote yourself to a good calendar system.
Your calendar (if done in a certain way) will tell you how much time you have in a day. It will tell you when you’ve overbooked yourself – and when to say NO. It will tell you which things need to be delegated and outsourced. A good calendar system is  THE number one tool to create Time Bliss. How do I know this? I took my life from crazy overbooked and frantic to calm and amazing. And the people I’ve trained to do this also had this experience.

“You have no idea how much my life has changed after our interview. My time tracking and calendar blocking is on hyper drive and I am so much more productive. And more importantly, I see where I need to say no, I see I need to raise rates to afford to have more free time, I see I need to delegate more. I tell you seriously. This is one of those moments in my career that I will remember as one of the most pivotal.” — Jason T. Wiser


3. Remember your Motivation.
Why are you doing the work you’re doing? Are you working at home? Do you remember WHY you decided to work at home? Are you putting those things you wanted to do IN the calendar? Use the calendar to actually live the life you imagined. Schedule a regular block of time where you do those things you promised yourself you were going to do. Does that feel selfish? What was that Instagram post I saw earlier today? Oh yeah — this one.

self-care time

Each of these 3 Steps will be expanded in the coming few weeks as a series. If you want to see more like this make sure you are on my email list. I have two really helpful checklists coming out soon and a whole calendar system that will help you take back your life and enjoy well-deserved Time Bliss!