Everyone says a “Tweet” is 140 characters.

I say a GOOD Tweet is 120 characters because you want to leave room for one of the best things that happen on Twitter – the Re-Tweet (RT).

The reason you want to leave room for the RT is the link is usually at the end of the tweet – and if it goes over the limit the link will be broken and no one will be able to go to your site. Giving at least 20 characters to the RTer’s name, RT and a space and @ will keep the link intact.

I suggest using track-able links as a business and they are generally 18-20 characters long.

140 – 20 (for the RT) – 20 (for the trackable link) = 100 characters for the words!

What can you say in 100 charactrs – it’s hard enough in 140!

When you market something online make sure you give something away that people would want. Please RT.  (100 characters)

As a business on Twitter you have to remember that Twitter is a SOCIAL network.

In my opinion that means you can tweet about your business, but you need to also show you are human. This is a very important point.

The world of human, authentic marketing is upon us and we need to slip into that way of thinking – where work and life are not separate – but one continuous whole.

Business + Human + RT + Sharing = Excellent Social Media Citizen!