Facebook Marketing Al-In-One for Dummies - Phyllis Khare, Amy Porterfield, Andrea Vahl

Using social sites to promote a book pays off.


Remember, all three of the co-authors of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies (me, Amy Porterfield, and Andrea Vahl) are marketers. We really rocked the space way before the book was available on the shelves.


All three of us used Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to create a buzz about the book before it was physically available.


And because of our efforts, the people at Wiley were so impressed with the pre-sale numbers they decided to continue the momentum by putting the book in their “A” marketing track. Which means they advertised it more than they would have.


I’m sure you’ve noticed when you buy something on Amazon – they have those suggested titles? Publishers buy that space.  Wiley put the book in that track and added it to more suggested titles when people bought other books, etc.


The team effort was really effective. 


Now our 600+ page book on Facebook Marketing is in its second printing (available Jan. 2013, if we survive the Zombie Apocalypse) which is very satisfying to say the least. Taking the time to create great content and promotion on your social sites to promote a book pays off.


Marketing Ideas for Authors to Create a Pre-Release Buzz


    • If you have multiple authors for the book, interview each other (video and audio) and post on your own blog and link to the other interviews


    • Create a series of tweets that link to the pre-release page on Amazon – schedule tweets 3-4 times a day for the month before release


    • Add the book and Amazon link to your LinkedIn Headline, bio, summary and Amazon Reading List widget


    • Create a Facebook business Page for the book and have all the authors contribute to a regular posting schedule


    • Create posts, tweets, and updates that capture your enthusiasm for the release of the book


    • Post sections, titles, tips from the book – post helpful content!


    • Have your publisher send you a PDF of one of the chapters to use as a free giveaway. Use it to fill your email list.


And about 50 more social tasks! Feel free to add your favorite social tasks in the comments.