fish to waterIt’s my son’s fault

Many years ago my son wrote a book and I wanted to tell the world about it. So I opened an account in Facebook (so I could share it with my friends) and Twitter (so I could share it with the world). Once in those spaces I really took like a fish to water. I absorbed everything I could. I tried every tool, every technique, tested every program and strategy. I literally surfed out there on the edge of all the social accounts. I still do. I’m testing several sites right now, in case the tide turns and people shift their attention away from Facebook and Twitter to…Pheed.


Social platform

I started to get a reputation for knowing how all these social things worked. And one day, out of the blue,  a friend suggested my name to an editor at Wiley for a book project. One of the most important things a traditional publisher looks for in a new author is their platform. A platform today is a wide and deep social reach.
I was very lucky I had spent several years developing my platform by sharing and creating tutorials and connecting with people all over the planet.


The effort pays off

Now, just a few years and two Dummies books later, I’ve  been the guest presenter for several  businesses like Social Media Examiner and Marketing Profs (to name a few). And I speak and train people how to use social media in their own businesses.
So, it’s my son’s fault. If he hadn’t written that book, who knows…


Suggested ways for authors to develop a wide and deep social platform

Here are a few ideas to get you started. Each point could be a post all on its own. Ummmm…. good idea.

  • Be clear about your niche: As Grandma Mary says “Focus people!”
  • Find 5 sources of great content to share: 3 bloggers and 2 news sites
  • Dedicate time to social: Schedule time to be online so you can post and share regularly
  • Find 2 Twitter chats in your niche: participate regularly and add excellent insights and content
  • Develop a Facebook marketing strategy: Subscribers or business Page?
  • Connect with real people and have real conversation

And with that, I invite your comments and items to add to the list.