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Hey Team Online!

Here are some of the BEST #cybermonday deals I’ve seen, including two of my own!

Some of these will continue to be discounted through the week, so if you miss this post on Monday still go and see if you can get the deal.

Good Luck and May the Force (of your wallet) Be with You.



Almost everything on Amazon is discounted today (Monday) and through the week. They are adding items all through the day and there are some with limited quantities. If you have some gadget or widget on your wishlist, this might be the time to purchase it. Maybe that podcasting microphone you’ve always wanted or that new computer…. just sayin’  I’m an Amazon affiliate and would love for you to use this link to go shopping. I found the portable projector that attaches to my phone on sale $300 OFF. Yep.


Kim Garst Inner Circle

Kim has mastered the art of using social media to sell. She has a social media community of over 500,000 people that grows by nearly 1,000 people a day and they make money, lots of money, selling their products and services by harnessing the power of social media. They want to show you how to do it, just like they have to hundreds of other small business owners. 50% OFF her monthly membership program. 


Phyllis Khare (that’s me) and Andrea Vahl’s Social Media Manager School DEAL

Option #2 ROCKS! We are discounting TWO of the Modules of our famous Social Media Manager School as stand-alone products.

Here’s what you’ll receive…

  1. Andrea’s 3 newly updated e-books  “How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business” “How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business” “How to Use Facebook to Get Leads for Your Business” PLUS
  2. SMMS Basics Module:
    • 10 videos covering the basics of Facebook, Facebook Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram!
    • Plus documents, articles, checklists, blog post links and all sorts of resources to get a grip on the major social sites at the moment.
  3. SMMS Bonuses:
    • Amy Porterfield’s Ultimate Editorial Guide,
    • Phyllis’ Marketing Flow Checklist
    • Loads of templates and downloads.
    • Plus ALL the free reports we created for the launch including a wonderful infographic and case study.
    • AND the replay of the free pricing webinars.
    • And you get access to exclusive discounts on social media tools that you can use.

Plus you get LIFETIME access to the material and updates we do in this section. wow and wow.

My TimeBliss.ME 

I can’t believe I discounted this OVER 90% off the regular price. wild. If you are feeling the weight of the work you do and can’t find time for a LIFE, then please take a look at this program. I hate to call it a time-management program (not too sexy) but it has the potential to change your life for the better.

And if you sign up for the associated webinar coming up on Dec. 6th – You’ll also receive TWO practical gifts  – my Marketing Flow Checklist and my Super Simple Marketing Plan Template. BOTH are being used by my students all over the world to organize and streamline their time. 

“You must look at Phyllis‘s method of productivity – it is amazing! I have introduced many people to it and they say it is life-changing. Never again will you go down the rabbit hole!”  – JH 

Here’s another one! Cyber Monday Deal! 10 days instead of 7!!! You get FREE access to for 10 days instead of the usual week using this link: Check out Viveka’s Training on called LinkedIn for Business! 



Such fun! I love cool, weird stuff. don’t you? I already found a bunch of their $1 sales and have loaded up my shopping cart. Got techie people in your life? Make sure you go there today!


BEST Articles for CyberMonday Links (I’ll add to this as I find them!)

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Mashable Tech Deals — good one! Thanks for putting this one in front of me Rebecca.


Find something wonderful? Let me know in the comments. Give me your best #cybermonday ideas, too.