{EAV_BLOG_VER:3b4bff5b06394af4} <–wondering what that is?
It is a crazy attempt to raise my stock price at Empire Avenue. And as they say on their site,

“Empire Avenue is the Social Media Exchange, where you can invest in any social media profile by buying their shares, meet new people, unlock Achievement badges, and earn boatloads of virtual cash by being active and social online! Buy shares in your friends, your followers, people with similar interests, brands you love, celebrities – anyone! All using a virtual currency and all for free!”

“Every day, you’re on Twitter, talking to friends on Facebook, uploading videos or photos, and writing blog posts. Just for doing that stuff, you’ll earn Eaves – our virtual currency – and we’ll dish out some more virtual cash to your shareholders. Along the way you’ll have a bit of fun, make new connections, learn about different people, and learn about social networking and the value of your network! Use your Eaves wisely and you might just become a virtual millionaire… or billionaire (insert evil, world-dominating laugh)?”

In other words, it’s a game based on how social you are. I find I am more stressed now about making sure I post, and blog and comment – knowing that all those things raise my stock price.

Completely silly, but somehow addictive. Join me – http://www.empireavenue.com/pksocial and buy my stock – lol.