3 Mothers — 9 months in the making — have birthed this 1 fantabulous book  Facebook Marketing All-In-One for DummiesIf you are not familiar with the Wiley “All-In-One” series — you need to know that this type of book is considered a ‘reference guide’ as it contains everything (soup to nuts) you need to rock whatever the book is about. In this case, it’s Facebook Marketing.

For example, there is a Facebook Marketing for Dummies and the Facebook Marketing “All-In-One” for Dummies. The difference is about 2 inches thick! This 642 page All-in-One contains 9 minibooks ranging from understanding the different Facebook Page types (and how to choose the best one for your business) all the way through advertising, events,  video livestreaming,  apps, social ROI and advanced marketing strategies. There are over 300 examples of how other businesses on Facebook use the tools, applications and marketing strategies we outline in this book!

This book was written with all kinds of business people in mind. The authors are business women and mothers so they deeply understand the daily challenges people face with social media marketing.

“Every page of this book has a step-by-step instruction, a case study, or a tool that businesses can use to open more doors for increasing brand awareness, enhancing customer service, and increasing revenue,” says Phyllis.

Phyllis Khare, Amy Porterfield and Andrea Vahl are the Mother (of all) marketers and co-authors of this marketing strategy book. And by the way, none of them had met in person before the book project started!

“In the online world, you might have lots of friends and business partners that you only know by their Facebook Page!” says Phyllis. “Ellen Finkelstein recommended me, I recommended Andrea (who lives in Colorado) and we all wanted Amy (who lives in California) to join the team.”

You are invited to join them for the Book launch in August. Keep an eye out for the Twitter hashtag #FBBook and more updates from the authors. They will tell the story of birthing a book and give you exact pages where you can find the best marketing ideas, tips and tools for rocking the Facebook business environment. Stay tuned.