This is how I plan on enjoying the Super Bowl today – all online.

Step One:

Watch the game online.  This one is my choice. You might need to hunt for other channels to land on the one that suits you. I tried out four or five sites for the Grammys. Many of these sites will have chat rooms attached to them – be aware – some chat rooms seem to be full of hormone-crazy 13 year olds. Be prepared to slide on over to another site. More on the Chat aspect in a minute.

Step Two:

Pull up Hootsuite – create 4 new columns (Hootsuite is my dashboard of choice – you can also create the following in Tweetdeck and other muti-column systems – this also assumes you have a Twitter account – if not – make sure you read the bit below about Twitter chatting)

column number 1:  Add these keywords:  #superbowl, superbowl, #SB44 (there are at least 10 more variations on this category of hashtag)
column number 2: #colts and #saints (plus any names of any of the players) #dan #coltsnation
column number 3:  names of the advertisers or the all-including  #SBADS44
column number 4: great Tweeters you find along the way – start with @madmain

Step Three:

Then make sure you have up this website:

“What Ad Airs When: The Cheat Sheet ”  (Thanks @KimBrame)

Step Four:

Tile all these things on your 46″computer monitor (what you don’t have your large-screen TV hooked up to the Internet yet?) and join the conversations. I have met so many cool people using this system for big events. Follow people who you enjoy – and RT great comments.

Now a bit about Chatting. If you are on the UStream channel for the game and want to chat – AND you don’t want to freak out your regular Twitter followings with 50 tweets every 30 minutes…It would be good to sign in with a Twitter Chat account. Open up a new account to use only when chatting – you can see how I set mine up here. Or if the channel you are watching offers a chat option outside of Twitter and Facebook – consider using it for most of your comments – and switch to the social stream occasionally.

Don’t forget Facebook. You might find an update with a lot of activity – enjoy that space, too.

The Icing on the Top
Or the dip on the chip? anyhwho – find a friend on video skype and enjoy the conversation with a face attached, too!

Alrighty then – let’ the game begin! and don’t forget to go to