I’d like to take a break from all the technology posts to reflect on what
I’m grateful for in 2010 and what I’m looking forward to in 2011.

The first part is easy. 2010 was an amazing year — Through the grace of friendship (@efinkelstein) I received (through an amazing set of circumstances) a contract with a major publishing house (Wiley) to co-write Facebook Marketing for Dummies All-in-One Guide. That’s the big one folks – close to 800 pages of Facebook Marketing how-to. Plan on hearing a lot about it May 2011.

I starting working with iPhone Life magazine (www.iphonelife.com and @iphonelife) as their Social Media Director. It is a wonderful opportunity to really run with what I know with a great bunch of very creative people. We are re-designing their website, creating new sources of income, and generally infusing a lot of new youthful vitality into the company. I’m very excited about the changes in 2010 and even more excited about what can happen in 2011.

AND I had a pivotal moment with a long-time client that showed me I had complete freedom of choice in how I create my income.

On a personal note, my husband finally gets it (how the LOA really works). Which has taken our already fabulous relationship and improved it 100 fold. Our children (grown adults) are happy and healthy and learning life lessons daily. So a big year – to say the least!

BTW – and this is a big BTW – I would not even have GUESSED the above things at the beginning of 2010. Based on that, I am happy and eagerly looking forward to some amazing things in 2011.

If I had to make a list of things wanted in 2011 –  the list would be an “internal” list. Instead of those outer wishes – like turning the book deal into a Training Program held all over the country (already in the works) or making 10 times the monthly income with 1/10 the amount of time (already in the works, too!) I would prefer to make a wish list like this;

  • staying in that sweet spot of “being in the groove” at all times
  • sitting in a state of bliss when making all decisions
  • loving each day as the miracle  it is

For it seems, those things are the fuel that drive all good things to arrive at my door.

Happy New Year everyone!