Since the modification of the app requirements – this could be possible. As you know from earlier posts – I really love Google voice. Having it on the iPhone would be a great option for me.

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Google Voice app coming to the iPhone?

By John D. Sutter, CNN
September 14, 2010 5:19 p.m. EDT | Filed under: Mobile
Google Voice apps for the iPhone may not be far away.

(CNN) — Smartphone fanatics have been waiting for months for a Google Voice app to come to the Apple iPhone. Now there’s a new sign that this may happen soon.

A developer behind one such controversial smartphone app says he has resubmitted his app to Apple and expects it to be approved in a matter of days.

“It’s currently undergoing review, which should last seven to 13 days before hitting the U.S. App Store,” Sean Kovacs wrote on his blog Monday.

Kovacs’ unofficial Google Voice app — which is called GV Mobile — would allow iPhone users to make calls from a Google number, send text messages for free and receive their voicemail as text transcripts.

The app had been submitted and essentially rejected by Apple in the past, he said, but Kovacs believes there is reason to expect things to be different this time around since Apple last week announced changes to its app approval process.

If approved, the GV Mobile iPhone app would cost $2.99, according to Kovacs’ post.