Thank you London Strategy Unit on Twitter. I don’t know who you are other than the nice faces on your website, but the following infographic was “inspired” by you, so I think you are awesome.

You can also see this on Pinterest HERE. Take your time and read through the process. I’m especially fond of the voicing… “You haven’t got your head around this hashtag thing have you?” 

Hashtags are VITAL for any social media marketing plan (see the offer below the infographic). Learning how to use them correctly is the first step! The second step is to RESEARCH them to make sure you aren’t stepping on any social toes. Once you have a clear idea about the ones you’ve chosen — market away! I always like to “register” the hashtags I plan to use on TagBoard and other services we talk about in Social Media Manager School.




Want to learn a bit more on how to use hashtags in your next marketing plan? Click here and my Marketing Flow Checklist is all yours!