audio-technica AT2020 USB

Isn’t she pretty? Here’s how Twitter found my new microphone.

Twitter Step-One:
I happened upon a tweet of a podcast by Alex Mandossian and Paul Colligan. Paul and Alex are co-authors of The Business Podcasting Bible and the co-hosts of a the long running Marketing Online Live Podcast. And if you don’t know the name Alex Mandossian…well…I would be surprised (and so would he I think!).

Anyway, I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I’ve helped clients give webcasts and online interviews for the last few years. I’ve tried all sorts of configurations of microphones and have never been really happy with the quality of the sound. As a former musician/performer my standard is pretty high.

Well, I could hardly listen to the content of Paul and Alex’s podcast because the sound quality of their voices was light years beyond anything I’d heard online! I got very excited about the possibility of being able to produce this type of professional sound with my own clients – and even my own events!

Twitter Step Two:

@molcast Hey – just listened to a podcast – what mic do you guys use – wow – the sound was FAB!!

@phylliskhare Thanks for the kind words. check out for the full story.

Now, this particular video is very good, as it shows you how to use Audacity and Levelator – two very important (and free) tools to use to create any type of audio product. I will probably create a blog post on both of those later this year.

Twitter Step Three:

@molcast Thanks – vid was good – but it still seems like you have some professional mics in use? Or is levelator that good?

@phylliskhare AT2020USBs and the Levelator.

I found a really good deal on Amazon Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Condenser USB Microphone and bought it right away. At this point – @levelator found me on Twitter – a good thing to have a search going for your company name – as I was very happy with the results and said so publicly on Twitter: (give them some love and follow them – as they are new to Twitter)

@levelator Thanks! I LOVE the levelator!! it’s my secret tool…maybe not so secret anymore…Welcome to the Twitterverse!

and that’s how Twitter found my new microphone. Stay tuned for the new audios I will be posting here! The Technology Cheerleader is very happy! YAY!

Click here to hear a post created with these tools –> MagicFinal