Recently, I discovered a new teleseminar service called MaestroConference. And so far I love it!

I have clients who run webcasts anywhere from once to five times a month and I have been on this epic search for the perfect system for over two years!

With Maestro, you can re-create the dynamics of a live workshop through the teleconference. If you run webcasts you still need the internet (screen sharing) componant of the webcast (Glance is the best).

You can create breakout groups of any size, take orders right during the call by phone — you can even “pass the mic” to people who “raise their hands” (no annoying background noise or anything like that). They have some sample demo calls coming up – where they show you all those things in action.

Anyway, I thought you’d want to know MaestroConference is offering free trials of their service. You can get one here (although not sure how long they’ll be available)…

Try out the Demo Phone Call and the Free Trial