Sometimes I’ll take what I think is a really good photo and want to share them on my social sites, but have in the back of my head I’d like to protect them, just in case I decide to use the photo in a business project down the road. I used to think – well — I’ll have to take it over to Photoshop and create a watermark to project it. I might be a bit later to the game, but there is a wonderful app that is so much easier than using Photoshop — iWatermark by Plum Amazing.

Enjoy the quick video and check it out!

Here’s some technical info off their website:
iWatermark is integrated to work with Photoshop, Aperture, Lightroom, Picasa, ACDSee, iPhoto, Cumulus, Portfolio, PhotoStation, Xee, iView, PhotoMechanic, Picasa and other photo organizers.
  1. Batch watermark entire folders of images at once.
  2. Scale all your images to be the same size.
  3. Creates thumbnails of your watermarked images.
  4. Use text, TIFF or PNG logos for your watermarks
  5. Set the transparency of your watermark.
  6. Rotate, scale, and place your watermark, anywhere on your picture.
  7. Use special effects such as aqua, shadow and/or emboss on your watermark.
  8. Preserve the metadata captured with the image, such as EXIF, IPTC and XMP.
  9. Input and Output your watermarked image into a variety of different image formats.
  10. Less expensive, more efficient, faster and simpler to use then PhotoShop. iWatermark is exclusively designed for watermarking.
  11. Create and use QR codes (like barcodes) as watermarks (Pro and iPhone/iPad only).
  12. Use built in Creative Commons watermarks (Pro only).
  13. Use many watermarks simultaneously (Pro only).
  14. Import/Export/Share watermarks you create (Pro only).
  15. Set location watermark by x,y which insures your watermark appears in the same place no matter what size or resolution the images are.

In my experience, it is extremely easy to use once you figure out which watermark you’d like to use on a regular basis. There are several built-in watermarks in case you aren’t feeling very creative. And if you already have an image you use in PhotoShop, you can bring it in to the library to use.

What is your experience with it?

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