Happy Disclaimer: I love this company so much I became an affiliate. I’m sure you understand the value of affiliate marketing.  I LOVE this technology from Maestro Conference.

I was just reminded how much I like this new technology for teleconferencing. If you live online like I do – you hear a LOT of teleconferences. The newbies spend so much time trying to mute people, block people, adjust the sound, find the missing co-presenter – oy – it just gets to be painful. But with this system when you join the call it’s completely quiet – and the presenters voices are perfectly clear (no dogs barking – pans crashing – phones ringing…).

Now, I have attended about 6 Maestro Conferences and each one was so enjoyable – not just for the sound quality, but for the ability of the presenter to break all the participants into “rooms” of 3 or 4 – where we are instantly connected with each other and can talk and share our own experiences with the materials presented. Fabulous! Then with a chime – we are all muted again and back together with the whole group. You can raise your hand – talk one on one with the presenter – all coordinated by an online dashboard.  They have a short demonstration of that on the home page – scroll down to see it.

I just wish I had something to sell! The conversion rates (from what I understand) are outstanding. Go and see and hear for yourself and give it a try. They are giving away some wonderful demostration conferences through December with rock stars of the Inspirational world.