If I had been downtown and spotted a zebra – I would have thought I was in a movie scene or the end of the world had come early.

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Zebras corraled after wandering Calif. streets

CARMICHAEL, Calif. – Two zebras are safe after a wild five-hour romp through the streets of a Northern California suburb over the weekend. The zebras were being loaded onto a truck Saturday evening in Carmichael, east of Sacramento, when they were spooked by dogs and went running in opposite directions.

Confused residents reported zebra sightings throughout the downtown area until sheriff’s deputies were able to round them up.

Bystanders helped corral one after it was hit by a car, suffering only a superficial cut. The second was found in an apartment complex’s pool.

Their owner, Michael Mastagni, transported his entire herd of seven zebras, including the two runaways, to his ranch in Bly, Ore., on Sunday.

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