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4 Reasons to Check Out Periscope

It’s been a loooooong time since I was excited about a new social site. In fact, I’ve been getting more and more discouraged and bummed out about a lot of the social platforms and took a looooong vacation to try and find my mojo again. I’m not quite all there, yet, but I think Periscope might help me over the mojo line. Here are 4 reasons why I think Periscope is good for business.


1. It’s the ultimate in social interaction.

If you are unsure what Periscope is – here’s the short intro. It’s a live-streaming app that lives on your phone. You open it up – start a live broadcast and people are notified on Twitter to come and have a chat with you. You talk – people text chat with you. Listeners can “heart” what you’re saying by tapping the screen (each person has a different colored heart) and type a text comment or question that shows up on the screen for you to answer and acknowledge.

Live video + live chat + authentic self = Periscope. Or “scoping” as it’s called. 🙂

periscopescreen       periscopescreen2


2. Instant engagement solidifies your brand.

Immediately people can see and understand your brand or business. The way you interact will be very clear and people will either love it or leave it. It very quickly solidifies your business online. I enjoy watching the business model and branding efforts of all sorts of people on Periscope. Kim Garst is working it and her down-home, loving personality really shines on Periscope. I’ve meet so many new people like Chocolate Johnny from Australia and Heather Heuman and so many other people I have not found on any other social site.


3. You can Scope from JUST about anywhere….

Well, I tried to periscope from my hotel room in Barbados = fail. But down the street at the Hilton = success! You really have to know how well your tech works based on if you are using mobile data or wifi to make things work properly. You might have to test a lot to get the recipe just right. Then you can connect anytime your audience is online. That might be in the morning for some folks, or in the evening for others. It stays up on Periscope for 24 hours and then will disappear, so save the scope to your phone’s Gallery and decide if you will upload it to your YouTube Channel or not.


4. You gain the POWER of the Hashtag!

This is a big topic for me right now, as it’s part of my “4 Ways to Expand Reach” program. If you rock the hashtag on Periscope your Reach online will expand big time.  Many of the people on Periscope right now are positioning themselves as experts and have already accepted speaking gigs at conferences based solely on their ground-floor involvement with this new site. The buzz is palpable.



Is Periscope the right tool for your business?

Local brick and mortar = Yes.

Online Products = Yes.

Authors and Bloggers = Yes.

Speakers and Trainers = Yes.


Let me know if you are enjoying Periscope in the comments, but even better go download it on your phone and do a search for me.