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Asking the question: Why do I have to do magic tricks to get a client?

You would think by now, with all the main-stream media around the marketing power of Twitter and Facebook, that I wouldn’t have to resort to magic tricks to get a new clients, but occasionally I do.

Recently, I was on a phone consultation with a potential client and his very nice, but unimpressed partner (who btw made a lot of money marketing old-school in the 80’s). After explaining all the benefits of social media – the traffic, the conversation, the attraction-based marketing model, and did I mention the traffic, he was still unconvinced that he and his partner should risk money on fluffy things such as Twitter.

That’s when I said, “OK, watch this!” (Taking the wand in my hand) I took his URL over to and created a track-able link, crafted a lovely little tweet on the fly and sent it out to my (very responsive) followers on Twitter.

Then we watched as 5 – 10 – 15 people clicked over to his website – now you have to realize No One was visiting his site – then 25 – then 40 – and all told 101 in just a few minutes. Voila – another ‘wabbit’ out of my hat and a new client for the month!

He said, “Wow – Twitter really does drive traffic to your website!” and I said, “Yes, and that was with one tweet – imagine the possibilities!” I couldn’t help but smile inside, but also wonder, when will marketers using social media get enough credibility without relying on magic tricks?