Facebook Should you spend time there Phyllis Khare speaker

Should you spend your time and money on Facebook?

Answer these 5 questions!

Recently I presented a webinar for SCORE that went deeply into the following five questions about Facebook marketing. Do you know if you should lean into Facebook or not? Ask yourself:

  1. Do you have an existing and engaged community on Facebook?
    I have three suggested steps if you do, and three suggested steps if you don’t.
  2. Are your ideal customers staying on Facebook?
    I show you where your customers might be migrating to online.
  3. What interfaces are your ideal customers using?
    I tell you why that’s important to know, and how to find the answers.
  4. Do you have a marketing budget?
    Oh, I hope you do… if not, you really need to listen to the webinar!
  5. Do your customers want to be connected to a “social community?”
    This question rarely gets asked and is the most important one!

I really dig into these questions on the webinar.

SCORE Webinar Feedback: “Great presentation! Made me think about where to direct my marketing efforts based on my local typical client base. Thank you for the resources!” 

I hope you get some direction on what to do next on Facebook. The webinar polls were very revealing. Facebook’s drop in Organic Reach is certainly noticeable by Page Admins. You can see the final results on the SCORE webinar replay.

Feel free to connect with me on just about any social site to ask questions, or leave a comment below. I’m thinking to record a video for each of these questions. What do you think? Should I re-enliven my YouTube Channel for this topic or hold off until the launch of SMMS14?