Are you interested in becoming a successful social media manager?

I’m guessing you found this page from Pinterest! Am I correct?

Well, no matter how you found this page, I’m glad you did.

What a WILD last few months! Andrea Vahl and I have been so busy re-vamping, re-recording, re-designing and re-launching our Social Media Manager School. 

Now we are ready to open it up to a new group of students! Find out more here: Social Media Manager School

Social Media Manager School Phyllis Khare Andrea Vahl

Social Media Manager School is THE premier place to teach you how to grow a more PROFITABLE business as a social media manager or consultant.

Seriously – go look now!  Oh, and did I mention you can get a free Starter Kit just by joining our Wait List? 

Here’s what’s in the Kit:

3 Steps to Earning $1000 Extra a Month as a Social Media Manager or Consultant
3 Steps to Finding the Right Clients for Your Business
3 Ways to Bring New Clients in the Door
How to Break Into a (Social Media Management) ~ lucrative ~ Market
Infographic – Roadmap to Becoming a Well-Paid Social Media Manager
Top Tools for Social Media Managers

social media manager school

social media manager school