One of my favorite things to do on Twitter is attend a Twitter Chat. If you haven’t enjoyed one – and you are up for an adventure – here’s how it works. At 8:00 pm CENTRAL go to sign in with your Twitter account – then put this in the search box… blogchat. Then you can either sit back and enjoy the constant stream of interaction – or join in. Once inside all your tweets will automatically include the hashtag for blogchat. It’s always a lot of fun – with some of the best ideas being freely shared. Mack Collier is the regular (amazing) host and Chris will be co-hosting. Feel free to ask me questions about Twitter chats – as I can help you out.

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Chris Brogan will be joining #blogchat tomorrow nite!

If you haven’t heard, @ChrisBrogan has agreed to co-host #blogchat tomorrow nite!  We’ll be discussing how to use other social media sites in order to improve and grow your blog.  I think Chris probably does this better than anyone, so I am thrilled that he’s agreed to share what he’s learned with us.

Now if you are a regular of #blogchat, you know how batshit-insanely fast the chat can get.  It can be danged tough to keep up with, even if you are a veteran.  Add in Chris co-hosting and bringing his 150K followers, and it could be a recipe for complete chaos.  Hopefully in a good way ;)

So in an attempt to make sure that everyone has a grand time tomorrow nite, I wanted to try to have a little more background and structure to tomorrow’s chat.  As #blogchat regulars can tell you, #blogchat is pretty much a freeform discussion, and that’s honestly the biggest reason why #blogchat is the most popular chat on Twitter.  But if the volume picks up like I think it will tomorrow nite, the ‘freeform’ flow could be too much for some, unless we have a bit more organization in place.