The video is really too academic, but half-way through you will see the potential local businesses will like. (By the way – I clipped this from – a wonderful site.)

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Microsoft proved to the world it can be just as innovative as say, Google, this week when they unveiled the company’s latest project – Street Slide. And by the looks of it, even the most loyal Google Street View enthusiasts will have to admit the PC powerhouse is onto something here.

Check out a demo of the exciting new project:

That’s where Street Slide comes in. Cue the heavenly choir music. Microsoft developed their version of Street View to combine both the 360-degree capabilities of Google’s beloved application with an incredible panoramic views of streets and spaces. In Street Slide, users are seamlessly linked to the world. By zooming out of a location, you can see whole or multiple city blocks at one time. Now that’s smart. Who would refuse a little context with their perspective? The application does have one downside, though. The further you zoom out, the smaller the panoramic slices get, so be careful not to back your way into oblivion.

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