yes – cleaning the twitter-litter, too) You can listen to this post here –> Care and Feeding of Twitter

I taught several New to Twitter Workshops last year. Small business owners mostly, ranging from solopreneuers, to mid-size nationally reaching publishing companies. Everyone is always so excited to finally be taking flight in the Twitterverse – and I always wish them well as they go their merry way – making the point very clearly as they leave,  “There is a Care and Feeding of Twitter – stay engaged – stay in the conversation!”

A few have really taken to Twitter – like a bird to the air (goofiness intended)- and some have given up all hope that they will ever find meaningful connections. To everyone I offer this advice:

You have to take “care” of Twitter. Otherwise it just lies there – like a dead blue parrot (“helloooo Polly” Monty Python on you tube…). It only has the life you give it. You are the wind beneath it’s wings (hey – how about that 80’s reference). You have to schedule time for it. Period.

Twitter needs feeding. Feeding is the attitude of giving; giving advice, giving found links, giving news, giving friendship. One of the main tenants of attraction-based marketing is giving. You naturally give good advice and information – people see what you have to say and you gain their respect – respect turns into referrals – referrals turn into sales (delving into the attraction-based business model is another post for another day).

As with all pets, there is usually a litter-box. Twitter has one, too. Because of the extreme attraction spammers have to this new flashy thing – they have taken up roost. They really make a mess of things, and you do have to clean them out. Otherwise one day you’ll look and the only people following you are 10 thousand spam-bots all called Tiffany.