(NOTE: this post was originally put up a few weeks ago- I’m updating the blog)

I had such a good time last night. I watched The David Lynch Foundation Change Begins Within Concert with Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr (plus a dozen other performers) THROUGH the tweets of people actually in the audience at Radio City Music Hall, New York (all while I sat in my living room in remote Iowa).

The event planners didn’t advertise a “#” hashtag for the event (note to presenters ALWAYS advertise the offical hashtag), so I had to design and implement a search and find mission!

By the end of the event I had 10 Twitter Search pages up based on keywords (Ringo, Paul McCartney, David Lynch, Howard Stern, etc…) plus the three David Lynch TV backstage staff members who were tweeting away. @heatherhartnett @EdenWeaver @amymydarling (with one of the funniest Tweets of the night RINGO STARR is on stage!! I may pass out. Am I really watching this?! From like, FEET away?!” which is funny because she is in her twenties…

I got instant reactions from people when performers took the stage and rocked the house. I saw the pictures they uploaded right there on TwitPic, I surfed from one to another back and forth in an endless stream of reactions and comments from people as diverse as twitterworld itself.

Then (in the ultimate of technology fun) I shared my computer screen with a friend in Florida using so she could see and read all the tweets from the audience with me at the same time.

It’s  New World. I may never venture out into the “real” world again. But You Guys have to keep going out and tweeting back to me – OK?