TimeBliss.ME Phyllis Khare

Has it really been three years? Is that possible? On one hand it feels like a lifetime ago; on the other hand it feels like yesterday.

Do you know what you were doing three years ago? I’d love to hear about it in the comments…

The reason this is so important to me is that how I felt three years ago is 100% the opposite of how I feel now in my relationship with Time.

Yes, that big concept – TIME.

Three years ago I was stressed, I was overwhelmed, I was in over my head, having to do breathing exercises just to keep a somewhat level head. I was a little bit rude in almost every conversation. Just ask my family about that one. And I was VERY brief and extremely to-the-point in almost every email. So much so that friends would write back and ask me if I was OK. Yep, that was how bad it was. I felt like I was pedaling as fast as I could but not getting enough done. I had a 300-page book due within 30 days, a new client (a BIG National company), my kids – BOTH of them – telling me I was going to be a GRANDMA, along with ramping up the promotion of my first book, and so much more. I was staying up past midnight almost every night trying to “get it all done,” which never really happened.

Ever feel like that….for months and months on end? Time certainly felt like the enemy.

Remembering all of that right now is truly weird. I am completely flipped around from that space now. Thank goodness. It was a bit of a journey to get to this better space and occasionally I slip into a flavor of what it used to be. But now I feel like I’m on my way up – and not in a downward spiral.

Being my own business, I create systems for myself to be more productive. I’m GLAD that I’m running my own show. Sometimes I forget that some of these systems I’ve developed can be something I can SHARE with people. 🙂 After sharing some of how I got out of that time-crazy space with my Social Media Manager School students, I realized (after being nudged a bunch from them) that I could package up this time-journey and help more people.

Even sharing a tiny bit of my system can make a huge difference to someone. Here’s what Jason found out after using just one of my calendar-based suggestions.:

My time tracking and calendar blocking is on hyper drive and I am so much more productive. And more importantly, I see where I need to say no, I see I need to raise rates to afford to have more free time, I see I need to delegate more. I tell you seriously. This is one of those moments in my career that I will remember as one of the most pivotal.” — Jason T. Wiser

I’m gearing up to share some of my Google Calendar-based system (Official NAME TBA soon!) with the world on JUNE 19, 2014, 2pm Eastern.

I’ll be telling you more about it in the next few weeks, and posting the webinar link here as an UPDATE. I’m very happy with how it has blossomed into this neat package of time-goodness. Stay tuned.


UPDATE: It’s OPEN and helping lots of people get their lives back. go check it out!