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For a long time I believed that if I explained how to manage time using Google Calendar (in my particular way), then people would somehow be transformed, becoming more productive and relaxed. Turns out there was a missing part to this system: the mindset.

People would tell me they would set up the calendars the way I outlined and then — somehow — not follow through with the plan. “Somehow” became the way the plan would fail. I did more research and found that the coaching side of this program would need to be developed if I wanted this new thing of mine to have wings!

That’s why there are three parts to TimeBliss.ME – the training, the watching over my shoulder, and the mindset.

The training is pretty straightforward. I have developed a way to use a calendar that will act as your second brain, your executive assistant, your best friend. Once you learn the process of using this calendar system, you’ll find it will talk to you. Yeah. Really. It will tell you when you are creating too much work for yourself. It will tell you when you need to take a break. It will tell you, very clearly, when you are putting off things that really need to be outsourced. Not out loud with a voice. That would be weird. But “out loud” in seeing how everything fits in the calendar – or not.

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The over-my-shoulder bit is revealing. I let you into my world just a bit to see how I really use this system. I’m using it right now. All the work I’m doing to create this program is built using this TimeBliss.ME system. I have always liked peeking behind the curtain to see the wizard’s work. I have a feeling you’d like that, too.

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And now this final component – the mindset. I have created three coaching lessons that address the major “somehows” that people run into. They address the issues of: feeling like a victim to time, avoidance because of fear, and what to do when faced with new found freedom. One of the things I found while developing this system is all of a sudden I had large amounts of free time. What a weird sensation. Now what to do? Well, here’s a hint when this happens to you — Don’t stay sitting staring at a screen! Get up. Move. Live a life full of interesting adventures.

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Do you know what you would do if suddenly you had tons of free time? Figure out what those things would be and keep that list handy. You will get to see if that list is good very soon.

I just finished a webinar with a bunch of time-management tips – Register HERE.

Having the separate meeting calendar has been WONDERFUL!!!!! Thanks so much! Again a simple change that you recommended has made a world of difference.” — Amy Hall