There are so many ways to create the “elevator speech” we’ve heard about for years. Most small business owners – if they are serious about their business – are advised to create this even before they open their doors.

I recommend two processes to create this specific text. By the way, this small paragraph you create can be used on all your social media sites as the Bio text.

I use this site with my New to Twitter Workshop attendees. It’s quick, easy and allows you to create a nice sounding bio for Twitter (and all your other social media sites – like Facebook).

15 Second Pitch:

If you have more time – and I suggest you find it – use this next process. It will help you further define your USP and qualify your prospects as you talk to them (in that elevator).

I work with: (client profile)

who struggle with: (the biggest problem)

and who would like to: (insert results)

What separates me from: (insert competitors)

is that I: (insert your USP)

and as a result my clients get: (insert motivators)

This is the Bio I created with 15 Second Pitch:

Virtually everywhere as a catalyst consultant in Internet technology and marketing – I help people clarify what their gift is and help them implement it.

I currently have this up – or variations of it – on all my social media sites. Be consistent with your sites – same picture – same bio – same website address – to help with branding and name recognition.

This is the bio I am working using the second method:

I work with small business owners who struggle with integrating what they do into the latest technologies and who would like to open more doors to customers through the Internet. What separates me from other Internet Business Consultants is that I have a lot of understanding around how people learn – visually, auditorily and kinesthetically – thus my company name “3Headed World Consulting” and I help them design their Internet presence so that all types of people are attracted to their site (and stay on and convert to sales), I also make sure to help them understand why customer service is so important and why they should always work with a salesforce admin.  And as a result my clients get a cutting edge website, blog, social media strategy and marketing plan that is smart, efficient, beautiful, and financially prosperous. (as long as they complete the recommended action steps and stay the course…)

I hope you enjoy this bit of info and you find it helpful. If you use one of these methods – come back and post it in the comments section.