I love technology. I am a geeky girl and a technology cheerleader. I’ve been this way all my life. Over the last 30 years, even when I made a living singing, performing and teaching, I used the most advanced and accessible recording and presentation technologies of the time. Some call me a “technology cheerleader,” as I sing the praises of all the new and exciting ways to promote a business online through my popular Web site and tutorials. I was an award-wining educator for many years, teaching thousands of children in state-arts-funded residencies. Now I teach adults how to reap the benefits of online technology.

I’ve spent the last few years connecting to a large online community and audience. I am very active on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.  I actively comment on technology blogs all over the country and Twitter chats on the topic of blogging. I have located and developed many key players in the world of social media and can count on them to be very enthusiastic joint-marketing partners. The very nature of social media is a great boon to any marketing effort.

I taught and spoke in front of large audiences (400 – 1000) for over 12 years as an educator and performer, and now I speak to large groups in two tracks:

  1. Technology 101 audiences – to inspire and inform small business owners on the power of online marketing
  2. Tech Savvy audiences – to showcase new systems to use in marketing

Enjoy the video tutorials on this site. If you want to know when new ones are up – join the mailing list, or subscribe to the RSS feed, or follow me on any of my social media accounts. If you want to join my Inner Marketing Circle – where we discuss how to use these systems for marketing – go to the page on Inner Marketing Circle.

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