(Note the title of this blog post as you read) This morning I watched another fabulous live video by my buddy Kim Garst. She is one of my favorites to watch on Facebook, Instagram, Periscope (yes, that’s still a thing).

And today she was discussing one of my favorite tools for creating titles. The tool she suggested can be used in all sorts of situations where you need to create a title that is attractive to your target audience (blog posts, YouTube titles, eBook titles Facebook posts etc..), but she inspired me to do a post of my own and show the other tools I use to pull out my creativity to create titles that will be so attractive to the target audience that they can’t help but click! Moreover, they aim at increasing your rankings and reviews.

Portent is my favorite first stop for generating titles

All of the title generators listed here are entertaining. Try not to get lost while using them.Portent provides one that breaks the title down into the parts – making it easy to imagine different words for each section. Clicking the refresh icon will bring up another title to enjoy. Click the image to go straight there.

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Hubspot has a classic title generator

This is a classic blog topic generator by Hubspot. You have to think a bit more to use this one as you will need to provide three words to get it started. When I used; calendar, time, stress – I got back these results (just a few of the many provided)

10 Quick Tips About Calendar
The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Time
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Stress
5 Tools Everyone In The Calendar Industry Should Be Using
10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Time

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This is a classic blog topic generator by Hubspot. One of the few I use for blog titles. #bloggingClick To Tweet

Content Row for when the click-bait title is necessary for jump-starting your imagination

This title generator is meant to INSPIRE your imagination – not to literally USE the titles generated.

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amInstitute – getting your emotions for titles working

I learned about this one from Ian Cleary (see link below). This one is the most frustrating of all the title generators – because it tells the truth. This free tool will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. And there is nothing more frustrating than to put in your beautiful title and get a 20% score. 🙁

Phyllis Khare

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Learning all the best tools for blogging is only part of the story. What you need to do first is Master your Time. [kl_kudanileads_inline optin_id=optin_1]

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